The art of packing.

I usually have only one carry-on bag anywhere I go no matter how long it will be. I never check-in a luggage as I fear that the airline will lose it and it’ll end up in a different continent other than where I’m supposed to be, that would be a nightmare (I know a lot of people who’ve experienced this). So having said that, I need to maintain the 7kg handcarry baggage allowance and up until now, I was able to. I thought the Italian trip sponsored by the company during the cold, wintery month of November would put my bag off the scale but with the masterful art of packing that I have acquired from all the travels I’ve done, I was able to fit everything in a cabin-size compartment suitcase which is below:

Pretty in pink. 🙂

That suitcase right there have gone places, it was a birthday gift from the boyfriend which he got from the wishlist I created. (I told you you should create birthday wishlists ;)) Right now, that suitcase holds a 6-day worth of clothes for the next holiday. Whenever I travel, I go for comfort not for fashion so the most helpful tip I can probably give you is to pack what is only necessary. You don’t need more than 2 pairs of shoes on a trip nor more than 2 pairs of jeans. I’m going to the beach but even if I’m going to the city, I never pack a huge load of make-ups with me. A pressed powder and a lipstick is enough, for this trip though I added an eyeliner and a lose blush-on for those dinner dates. Anyway, let’s see what’s inside.

Let’s start with the toiletries:

From the top, left to right:

1. Dove conditioner – because my hair really needs it specially if I’m going to the beach. I would pack a shampoo as well but since I’m staying in a 5-star property (discounted staff rate :p) and I’m not really fussy about shampoo, what they have will do. The most important thing for me is a hair conditioner, so let’s put that in the bag.

2. St. Ives Facial Scrub – it’s an almost empty bottle so I can just throw that away after the trip which will then lighten up my luggage on the way back.

3. Toothbrush and toothpaste – for obvious reasons

4. Kenneth Cole perfume – a miniature size which I usually use whenever I travel

5. Olay face moisturizer – to moisturizer my face (duh???)

6. Hand sanitizer – because I’m OC

7. Underarm deodorant – so I won’t stink during the trip.

All of those, will fit in my toiletries bag:

As for the clothes, I do the fold-and-roll step. Easy, just fold it and then roll it (just in case it isn’t obvious yet). It’ll give you much more space compared to if you’ll just fold it and stack it into two rows.

Those are all my clothes for a 6-day stay at a beach resort plus some extra shirts just in case. I usually buy wash-and-wear clothes for this sole reason. Well ok, because I’m too lazy as well to iron my clothes. 🙂 Then I’ll put the things which will be too bulky to roll like the jeans or shorts on top of the rolled-up ones. The toiletries bag also goes on this side of the suitcase:

Then off to the underwear and swimsuits. I was able to get these small transparent pouches as a giveaway which is supposed to be a toiletries bag. I also got a bag for your rubber shoes from, I think Nike? Not really sure. It currently holds beach slippers and one stiletto for those formal dinings at the hotel. It’s good to have some kind of a motif with the clothes you’re going to bring just so it’ll be easier for you to put all these together with just one pair of shoes. Like for example in my case, I brought a black stilettos and all the formal dresses I brought with me will go along with it. Saves you the hassle of mixing and matching specially if you’re trying to tone down your luggage weight.

Whenever I travel, I usually bring some medicines with me. Some sort of like a first-aid kit which will usually hold the following:

Starting from the left side is Zantac, for my gastritis, a bottle of anti-histamine for my allergies, one packet of panadol (paracetamol), a packet of Vick’s Dayquil (for colds and cough) and anti-diarrheal tablets (for obvious reasons). I’ll put it again in one of those transparent giveaway pouches. And now my suitcase looks like this:

This is what I’ll have with me when I travel together with a bodybag which will hold my travel documents, wallet, phone and some other things. I got a travel document holder from Trafalgar and it’s actually very handy:

Always travel with a ballpen with you. You’ll need that specially at Immigration counters. Last but not the least, I always have a book whenever I travel and the choice for this trip is the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius:

Packing is like playing a game of tetris, you’ll just have to conform the size and shape of your clothes to fill in the empty spaces of your suitcase. 🙂 So I’m now all set for my next trip which starts tomorrow night. Yipppeeeee!


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