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the aftermath

February 13, 2009

so we did went out last night. loads of fun, booze, dancing, laughter – all in all it was great. till i got home. we’ll do this one step at a time though.

so 30mins left before my pick-up time and i still have not decided with what am going to wear. my roomates were helping me rummage through my closet for something yet i still can’t put my finger to what i really want to wear last night. for the safest and easiest way out i decided to be a rocker chic (or was it goth) and contrary to chubby’s advise, i wore shorts on that wintery evening.

arrived at chi and beat the 12midnight timeline for free entrance. hehehe. so got in and waited for my dear friends who were as always late and blamed the taxi driver for it. hahaha. as soon as they got there, we ordered a bottle of vodka and started consuming the alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. after the 2nd serving of the self-mixed drink, i can feel the alcohol kicking in my system. jumping up and down on the dancefloor, i have no idea why i was doing that. but anyway, we were just having fun. then after finishing the bottle of vodka, we went inside the lodge and had our dose of RNB music. we love getting down and dirty with it and we’re better rnb dancers than on house music. haha. so good that as soon as we stepped on the dancefloor guys were swarming around us. we have to pull each other away from the guys to save ourselves of being caught dancing with an “unworthy” candidate. hahaha. and well, we’re just not interested so…. sorry guys, all they can do is look at us while gyrating like a gigolo. hahaha.

we went home shortly after, it was a unanimous decision and nobody vetoed against it. so i guess we were all dead meat by then. i went straight to bed as soon as i got home and never cared about the make-up still on me. i usually can’t sleep without taking a quick shower but i was too drunk last night to even bother. after 10mins the worst and sickening feeling started – a ramble inside my stomach like something’s building up. my head started spinning and i was salivating too much. uh oh!!!! that’s not good. i tried to hold it back, lying steadily but to no avail. it’s coming!!!! i got up and 2 steps after, i threw up! oh shit! i threw up on the floor inside our room, on the floor of the living room, at the bathroom door, on the bathrooom floor and finally on the toilet bowl. i embraced it, clinged on it and held on to it tightly for a good 15minutes like my whole life depended on it. i cleaned up the mess i made afterwards – with my head still swirling. then went back to bed again. little did i know that i will be doing that routine 4 times within the day. oh boy!!!! i hate that feeling.

i was fully awake by 430pm. but head is still spinning.

it was a good night, just the getting over it the next day is one hell of a bitch.

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