The 30th Birthday, Celebrated in Style.

So I celebrated my 30th birthday two months ago and it was a blast!!!!! I’ve been thinking of fun ways to celebrate this milestone but couldn’t really think of anything unique until I saw a Cobone deal by Volume Yachts.

The deal was issued during the first week of October and I bought it instantly. For AED999, you and 16 of your friends can enjoy a 2-hr yacht cruise along the Arabian sea – what’s the better way to celebrate your birthday other than that? We have gone on a similar cruise before during the boyfriend’s birthday 2 years ago and we all enjoyed it. It was an afternoon cruise which made it possible for us to dock in front of the Burj Al Arab as we swam in the sea. This time though for my birthday, I couldn’t get an afternoon cruise as every single date that I wanted was already booked so we settled for an evening cruise. It actually turned out pretty well as we were able to see the night lights of Dubai from a different perspective – the sea.


Volume Yachts gives you the option to add some more services on top of the cruise – catering or a DJ but I chose the DIY option. LOL. For dinner, I ordered from Rosso Amore Restaurant located in Business Bay. I was in touch with Maricel, the owner of the restaurant and she gave me an incredibly low price of AED18 per person for a party of 20. I ordered mainly finger foods since it’s only 2 hours anyway in the cruise – calamari, spring rolls and the much loved chicken barbecue. The chicken barbecue was a hit amongst my friends as it was really tasty. Dips and sauces were also included. She delivered it to my house for free at the exact time that we’ve agreed on. Having said all that, I do definitely recommend her. 🙂

Rosso Amore's Chicken Barbecue - Yum!!!!

Rosso Amore’s Chicken Barbecue – Yum!!!!

Volume Yachts didn’t fail to deliver their promise as well. The booking process wasn’t a pain, someone immediately called me up as soon as I’ve sent my email requesting for a booking (booking[at]volumeyachts[dot]com). We then went through all the dates that I would like to go for a cruise and settled on the 24th of October at 8pm. A week prior the date, I sent a reconfirmation email to them which was instantly replied once again. On the day of the cruise, a message was sent to “remind” me of the cruise (like I’d need someone to remind me of that, lol but that was a good touch though) and the contact number of the captain who will be with us. 30 minutes prior the cruise, the captain called me up to let me know where we need to meet him. To make the long story short, Volume Yachts won’t leave you hanging and will definitely take care of you as soon as you’ve bought that Cobone deal. The yacht was in a very good condition as well, with two well-maintained decks. We used the upper deck most of the time and the lower deck only for dinner. Alcohol is allowed of course but you’ll have to bring it with you as well. They will provide a big coleman where you can store your alcohol and ice.

Taken from Volume Yachts' Website

Taken from Volume Yachts’ Website

Volume Yachts is docked in Dubai Marina Yacht Club so right after the cruise, we transferred to the neighboring hotel – Marina Byblos Hotel. I initially wanted to go to Nell Gwynne Pub as I have always loved and frequented that place however, according to their manager they normally do not accept reservations on a Thursday night. That’s actually the usual response I’ve received from all the other pubs/bars that I’ve contacted. David on the other hand (the Manager) offered a different venue to me called the Arena which is their outdoor, shisha terrace which also serves drinks. So off we went there after the cruise. There was a slight misunderstanding though when we arrived, the staff at the Arena informed us that bucket deals are only being offered in Nelly Gwynne’s Pub and that they do not have strongbow cider (very important for me as some guests only drinks strongbow cider) as well. I was informed by the manager though that the Arena offers all these things which was the only reason why we went there in the first place. A call to the manager and a little chat, the problem was immediately solved so everything went according to plan. For your information, bucket deals are priced at AED99 for 5 bottles. You will have to double check though with them first if they will offer the same to you as they did for us. Lol. Other than that, the service was great and we were definitely looked after by the staff of the Arena.

And last but not the least, here are the gifts I received for my birthday. My friends got it off from my wishlist, I told you birthday wishlists work! 🙂


Happy 30th Birthday to me!!!! 🙂


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  • Mitzie Mee December 5, 2013 at 21:58

    Happy birthday!! What a great way to celebrate!! 🙂

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