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Taste of Peru 2013

March 19, 2013


The Consulate General of Peru hosted its first ever Taste of Peru Festival in Dubai. It featured all the gastronomic Peruvian delights along with a special guest appearance of Mr. Christian Bravo (a Peruvian chef of course) and live performances of Peru Andino, a prominent group of Peruvian musicians.

Peru Andino

Peru Andino

A Peruvian colleague of mine asked me to join her in this event and I immediately said yes, without even thinking twice. The festival was held in Souk Madinat’s ampitheater which lasted for the whole weekend (28FEB-02MAR). The weather was fantastic, a little bit chilly if I may say which is why a considerable amount of their pisco sour drink was consumed by yours truly. I needed it to warm me up (bleh!)

Myself and the pisco sour

Myself and the pisco sour

What its made of: A Peruvian Pisco is used as the base liquor and the addition of lime (or lemon) juice, syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters

With the help of our Peruvian colleague, we made a beeline to the food stalls around the area. I had the following:



Tiradito is a Peruvian dish of raw fish, similar to sashimi and carpaccio, in a spicy sauce. It reflects the influence of Japanese immigrants on Peruvian cookery and differs from ceviche in the way in which the fish is cut and in the lack of onions. Common garnishes include sweet potato and boiled corn. Stylized variants may include such ingredients as scallops, and a small amount of searing.



The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. Additional seasonings, such as chopped onions, salt, and coriander, may also be added. Ceviche is usually accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavors, such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, avocado or plantain. As the dish is not cooked with heat, it must be prepared fresh to minimize the risk of food poisoning.

Those two were appetizers as indicated by my colleague. Both were sour and I couldn’t imagine eating it with an empty stomach, just the thought of it already gives me gastritis. We actually have a Filipino version of it called kilawin, instead of lemon we cook it in vinegar. I liked the tiradito more than the ceviche though. After those two appetizers, we ate beef saltado. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo of it. As my colleague tried to explain what it was to me, all I remembered was that it was marinated in red wine which I think what made it really good. I asked her to cook it for me next time. Hah!


It was a fun evening filled with all things Peruvian – food, music, people (I didn’t know that there are a lot of Peruvians here in Dubai) and pisco sours. I will definitely attend the event again next year.


Credits to: Wikipedia for the recipes.

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  • Reply Michael March 20, 2013 at 00:02

    Ahh..really? a date? haha Was I way off? Oh well, She is pretty.

    Yes, it’s really cool how Peru is known for seafood because of the Japanese influence there as you mentioned. Mmm Guinea pig. My favorite! The thing about guinea pig is that it’s so versatile..

    Long flights are what bothers me as well. I want to go to Hong Kong and Singapore for my next international trip and use my United points but I would have to sit in economy for 16 hours..Imagine the discomfort, crying kids, bad movies, smells….The list goes on..If you can make a super long flight like that without hanging yourself upside down you should get a free, instant upgrade for the trip back!

    • Reply Pinay Flying High March 20, 2013 at 00:46

      LOL, yes a date. I’m a part time pimp. LOL. Well actually, you’re a bit close. :p I haven’t tried guinea pig yet so not sure how it is and what you mean by versatile. :p

      I should ask someone to knock me out first before boarding a 15-h5 flight. I’ve no idea what I’m capable of doing if ever I get on a flight that long. By the way, have you liked my facebook page already? No? Well, what are you waiting for? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pinay-Flying-High/164715133581070

      • Reply Michael March 20, 2013 at 02:08

        I was just kidding about the guinea pig.. You can try and then tell me how it is. Deal? haha.. So I was close on the age?..Well, Mari is very pretty regardless of age.
        BTW, I’m a 41 year-old guy who does not chase women too young for me..Just so you know..I’m not that type at all. I’m sorry, I can not like you on Facebook Pinay.. I am not a Facebook member..Yep, I am one of those hold-outs. I like you very much though 😉

        • Reply Pinay Flying High March 21, 2013 at 00:07

          LOL. She’s probably older than you are. :p

          • Michael March 21, 2013 at 02:13

            That’s Ok.. I like older women. 😉 Now I’m being bad..LOL

  • Reply Michael March 19, 2013 at 22:50


    I love ceviche! It is one my favorite foods in the world. I have dined at a number of Peruvian restaurants in Latin America and have never tried tiradito…I feel like I have been missing something important in my life after you writing about it. It looks great.
    Hmm..Who is the woman in the white blouse and skirt in the last photo? 😉 .

    • Reply Pinay Flying High March 19, 2013 at 23:18

      Hi Michael,

      I’m not a big fan of sour dish but I really liked tiradito. However, I wouldn’t eat it as an appetizer. :p So you’ve traveled to Latin America? Whereabouts? That’s my dream destination but the long haul flight is what’s stopping.

      The woman is Mari, a Filipina colleague of mine. You will never ever and I mean EVER guess her age. :p

      • Reply Michael March 19, 2013 at 23:35

        Yeah, the tiradito looks great. I love seafood so I really like Peruvian cuisine..Pisco’s aren’t bad either, although they can be quite dangerous! I traveled primarily to Costa Rica and Panama when I traveled to Latin America because I had a small condo down in Panama. I live in the US and I recently sold it. I would love to go to Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile if I have an opportunity to travel that far south into Latin America.. I’m sure you will get to Latin America someday despite the long flight.

        Ok. Mari, your colleague, caught me eye. She looks classy, smart and sweet. Alright, I guess her age to be about the mid 30’s.. What do I win if I’m right? J/K 😉

      • Reply Pinay Flying High March 19, 2013 at 23:43

        I love seafood too! I didn’t know Peru is famous for seafood until now. I was disappointed that they didn’t have guinea pig. 🙁

        Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador are my dream destinations. I get crazy in an 8-hr flight, what more a 15-hr? I’ll probably hang myself upside down in the plane if I do that. I am still, at this time, mustering enough courage to do it. :p

        You would have gotten a date with her but no, not right. Not even close. :p

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