A Colorful Fiesta at Tapestry Tapas Bar

Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England-102
Outstanding and colorful array of tapas-style dishes and the gorgeous cocktails of Tapestry Tapas Bar will put you in a fiesta mood instantly.

My friend K and I decided to meet up for food and drinks at Tapestry Tapas Bar in Mortlake. It’s halfway between us but more importantly, knowing that it’s owned by the same owner as Pottery Tapas Bar – I know that their cocktails will be on point and I thought we both needed it that day. Lol. 

Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England-111

Walking in the vibrant pub, it looks like a copy and pasted version of Pottery with the same lovely design which perks up your mood right away. Tapestry Tapas Bar is a family-run business which is quite evident the moment you set foot in it – the warmth and friendliness of the staff is contagious. 

There were a few tables occupied when I arrived at around 1pm. And just as I entered, an elderly couple entered the pub as well and were greeted by the staff who asked the couple if they’re having their regular dishes. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love supporting local businesses because there’s always that personal touch which you may never get in some other establishments. 

We chose a table at their outdoor area to make the most of the al fresco weather that we have left in London. 

We had a selection of tapas dishes to share and decided to just stick to tapas and not have any main course at all. It’s my favourite kind of meal – sharing platters because it’s more social and at the same time, you get to taste a lot of different dishes in one meal. :p

Nachos at Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England

We had nachos which was so loaded we didn’t get to finish it but I think K and I both enjoyed it the most because it’s the perfect food to pair with our cocktails. Lol. 

Calamari at Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England

We also had calamari which I was able to eat all by myself because K’s not really into seafood. Worked well for me because that calamari was so damn good and I was glad that I didn’t have to share it with her. :p

Spanish Tortilla at Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England

I wish K was also not into eggs because Tapestry Tapas Bar’s spanish tortilla was so good I could eat it by myself as well. Sadly, I had to share it with her. 🙁 :p

Chorizo and New Potatoes at Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England

Because I’m such a nice friend, I let K have all of the chorizo and new potatoes. I just had it myself anyway during our dinner at Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston a few nights ago so I thought she could have all of it so she wouldn’t accuse me of being so greedy. I have to say though, it was hard to fight the urge to get a piece of that chorizo. 

Cocktails at Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England

The pièces de résistance of our meal were the gorgeous and delicious cocktails that they have. I always go for sangria whenever I’m in Pottery but this time, I tried their other cocktails. 

Cocktails at Tapestry Tapas Bar, Mortlake, London, England

I found a new favourite, Richmond Park Sourz which is a concotion of vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice and lemonade. It was so refreshing! Their cocktails are dangerous though for its ninja moves, they all tasted so good and would make you want to drink more – not realizing that the alcohol content will kick you later on. Hard.  

We stayed at Tapestry Tapas Bar for a good 2 and so hours – enjoying the food, drinks and company. While I loved our meal, I think I still have my loyalty towards Pottery Tapas Bar but only because it’s closer to me. :p

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Tapestry Tapas Bar

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