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Weekends For The 30-Somethings In London

June 28, 2017
Hollyhock Cafe, Richmond, London, United Kingdom -
London nightlife reminds me so much of how old I am right now. Going to the hip and happening places here on a weekend stresses me out if I’m being honest. The crowd, the noise and the drunk people trying to stand on their own two feet around me give me panic attacks. Many moons ago, I could pull an all-nighter dancing like there’s no tomorrow in a club somewhere in the lively city of Dubai. We’ll

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Expat Life in Dubai


October 18, 2008
I have been busy for the past couple of days at work. Not really sure how I managed my work to be piled up each day plus the fact that i’ve had a lot of errors committed and discrepancies last week. Am i losing my ….. errr…. shine??? oh well, it’s a lean season now. lean season aren’t supposed to be this busy (obviously). right. jowel just called me up and asked, no make that begged &#

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