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Greece, Thessaloniki

Greece | Live The Boheme Life in Thessaloniki’s Gorgeous Waterfront Venue

July 13, 2016
Boheme, Greece
Away from the bustling city center of Thessaloniki is Boheme, an ultra-modern and sophisticated dining and drinks venue by the beach of Pylea. Boheme is divided into four sections, dining and drinks for both their indoor and outdoor seating area. The interior decor blew me away, unbounded by conventional standards it combined the rustic wood decor with a more elegant and minimalist design. The

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Greece, Pieria

Greece | Skipping The Cobblestones of Palaios Panteleimonas

July 12, 2016
Palaios Panteleimonas, Greece
“We’re having lunch tomorrow at Palaios Panteleimonas before heading back to Thessaloniki.” said The Greek Mister as he gulped down the last drop of his tsipouro. “Pantele-what?” I asked. “It’s the place that you showed me from Marissa’s blog.” He does listen and pay attention! Holy crap! A very long time ago, I came across this blog post of My Greece, My Travel

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Expat Life in Qatar, Pool and Beach Access in Qatar

Pool and Beach Access at The St Regis Doha

May 12, 2016
pool and beach access, St Regis Doha,
It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a pool and beach access shenanigan here in Doha, it’s just that I’ve been quite busy and summer in Doha is a bit more evident now (I know because our tap water no longer have the cold water option, it’s only hot or hotter). It’s so hot to go outside let alone sit by the pool and enjoy the views but that’s just me because there were quite

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Expat Life in Qatar

Simaisma Resort, Your Most Awaited Haven in Qatar.

February 2, 2016
Simaisma Resort, Qatar
A new resort is added to the developing and growing (quite fast, I must say) hospitality industry of Qatar. Tucked in Simaisma City, northern part of Qatar – Simaisma Resort gives “staycation” a whole different meaning. It sure is made to WOW its guest as it did to the lucky few, including myself who were given a sneak preview of this amazing property last week. 20-minutes a

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Austria, Vienna

Highlights of Vienna: Reasons You Should Visit Vienna In 2016

December 31, 2015
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
One of the European cities I’ve been looking forward to seeing again is Vienna. I went there with my Aunt a few years ago as a part of our 2-week European summer holiday and stayed only for 3 days and 2 nights. Based on the cities that we’ve visited during that tour – Vienna really stood out. It has a very sophisticated vibe to it, a bit snobbish to be honest but it has all the reasons to be as th

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Greece, Lefkada

The Beauty That Was. Egremni Beach, Lefkada, Greece.

December 6, 2015
I can still remember that one hot summer day in September 2013. We were onboard Nidri Star Cruise which The Greek Mister and myself thought would be a good idea to explore Lefkada and beyond but then it turned out to be one of the tourist traps that you can get in this place. Although we have just started the cruise and were on our way to our second stop, we couldn’t hide our disappointment that we only had

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