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Things To Do in London | Visit The Cursed Kensington Palace.

October 29, 2016
Kensington Palace, London -
I’m obsessed with historical palaces and now that I live in London, I feel like I’m in a huge playground with all the palaces that I can visit in and around the city. Ironically though, Kensington Palace is only the second palace I’ve visited since I arrived in London 2 months ago. But that’s because I keep on going back to Hampton Court Palace whenever I can which is just a walking distance

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England, London

Things To Do In London | Learn The Stories of The Ruthless King, Beheaded Wives and Ghosts at The Hampton Court Palace

October 4, 2016
Hampton Court Palace,
Even before we moved to London, I’ve already read so much about the Hampton Court Palace from other London-based bloggers. To be very honest, I didn’t even know about it when I first visited London in 2012 and I guess it’s not only myself who easily missed out on visiting this palace while in London as a tourist. This I tell you though, you should actually make the time to visit Hampton Court Pala

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England, London

Free Things To Do in London: Stroll Around The Beautiful Holland Park.

September 19, 2016
Holland Park, London -
After spending a few hours in Notting Hill (and having one of the worst meals I’ve ever had in London) I went straight to Holland Park which was a mere 15 minutes away by walking. I love walking around London! Sorry, let me correct that – I love walking around in general as I’ve lived in a pedestrian-unfriendly place for the past couple of years so walking for me is a brand new thing that I now lo

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England, London

Free Things To Do In London: Learn The Rags-To-Riches History of Notting Hill.

September 16, 2016
Notting Hill is a very famous district in North-West London which is known to be one of the affluent areas in the city. But did you know that it had a very dark past? So dark that Charles Booth, an English social researcher in the 19th century described it as “one of the worst areas in London”. If you were to visit London 50 years ago, Notting Hill would’ve been a massive slum area which the rich

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England, London

Things To Do in London: Visit The Highgate Cemetery

September 5, 2016
Highgate Cemetery, London -
I am always fascinated by cemeteries for reasons I can’t explain. I find peace and tranquility whenever I visit one and somehow, it makes me grounded. Cemeteries remind me that every single person – rich or poor or black or white will end up in the same place. Maybe not in the same cemetery but you know what I mean. Highgate Cemetery is located in North London, very near to Archway tube station. I had o

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Random Musings

Things To Do in London: Take a day trip to Bibury.

March 2, 2014
I am no city girl, having lived in Dubai for almost 7 years now with all its glitz and glamour, I think I’ve had enough of the city life and would always ALWAYS prefer a countryside or a beach over a city whenever I travel. So when I went for a quick trip to London, the first thing that I did was to go on a day trip to its countryside and what better way to start this tour than visiting the quaint and charmin

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