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Around The World Series | Restaurants With A View

May 3, 2016
Old Chora, Alonissos, Greece
My favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to travel and to eat which I think always goes hand-in-hand anyway. I’m very adventurous when it comes to food and I do love eating some local delicacies of the place I’m visiting. Enjoying your food with an equally amazing view right in front of you makes your meal more delicious right? RIGHT?? I don’t know about you but for me, a beautiful view

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Our 12-Day Itinerary to The Philippines

May 3, 2015
Amorita Resort
Alas! The holiday’s over and I can only be thankful that it happened so I won’t have to sulk on the fact that I am now back in Doha. It was an incredible holiday for The Greek Mister and myself, one of the best perhaps and it’s all thanks to my family and friends for being with us during most of those days. Our recent travel to the Philippines made me realize that our country is doing all the best

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Philippines, Tagaytay

Where I Ate in Tagaytay: Mesa Restaurant

April 1, 2015
MEsa Restaurant
I think we didn’t do anything in Tagaytay but to eat and eat and eat which is why I am personally calling this city as the gastronomy capital of the Southern Tagalog. With the myriad of restaurants to choose from, it’s hard to maintain a good diet in this place. How can you say no when you have incredibly delectable dishes served in front of you? Exactly what happened to me when the Greek Mister and mys

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Philippines, Tagaytay

Where I Ate in Tagaytay: Mahogany Market

March 29, 2015
Mahogany Market Tagaytay
Whenever The Greek Mister and I travels, we always prefer to eat at small family-run restaurants. We never had any inclination to dine in fancy restaurants as we’ve been sick and tired of it in Dubai and Doha where we’ve been living for almost a decade now. When we travel, we want something authentic, something unique, something cheap and something which the locals would prefer to eat so on our recent h

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Philippines, Tagaytay

Where I Ate in Tagaytay: Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen

March 26, 2015
Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen
I’ve been seeing Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen over and over again when I was researching for our holiday to Tagaytay. As much as the great concept and the good reviews received of this family-run restaurant, I never planned on going there since the Greek Mister isn’t a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine. To my surprise, my aunt brought us there on our first day in Tagaytay so hooray for me! I love Vietna

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Philippines, Tagaytay

Where I Stayed in Tagaytay: Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast

March 22, 2015
Joaquin's Bed and Breakfast
The first leg of our 12-day itinerary to the Philippines was in Tagaytay, a popular destination in the Southern Tagalog region specially during summer due to its cooler climate and stunning scenery. I live in a town (now a city) which is very close to this city and we normally spend half a day here to enjoy the friendlier weather and have a meal at one of its numerous restaurants. The famous Taal Volcano which can

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