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Things To Do in London | See The Spring Flowers in Bloom in Kew.

May 23, 2017
Kew Palace -
Flowers are in bloom, weather is (a bit) warmer and children have now gone out of their winter cocoon – yes, it’s now spring in London! I have now officially witnessed the four seasons of this city since I’ve moved here last August and I can’t say I have a favorite season as of yet. I’m still embracing the change of weather (and scenery) from the desert life of the Middle East. Spring

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Things To Do In London | Learn The Important Facts About The Tower of London

November 9, 2016
I visited the Tower of London the other day at around 3pm which I realized right away was a huge mistake. The Tower closes at 4:30PM during winter time so that only gave me an hour and a half to roam around the grounds of the Tower of London. I did the whole tour in such a hurry as I wanted to make the most out of my visit. However, no matter how hard I tried it definitely wasn’t enough. I need to go back soo

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Things To Do in London | Visit The Cursed Kensington Palace.

October 29, 2016
Kensington Palace, London -
I’m obsessed with historical palaces and now that I live in London, I feel like I’m in a huge playground with all the palaces that I can visit in and around the city. Ironically though, Kensington Palace is only the second palace I’ve visited since I arrived in London 2 months ago. But that’s because I keep on going back to Hampton Court Palace whenever I can which is just a walking distance

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Things To Do In London | Learn The Stories of The Ruthless King, Beheaded Wives and Ghosts at The Hampton Court Palace

October 4, 2016
Hampton Court Palace,
Even before we moved to London, I’ve already read so much about the Hampton Court Palace from other London-based bloggers. To be very honest, I didn’t even know about it when I first visited London in 2012 and I guess it’s not only myself who easily missed out on visiting this palace while in London as a tourist. This I tell you though, you should actually make the time to visit Hampton Court Pala

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