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Greece, Pieria

Greece | Skipping The Cobblestones of Palaios Panteleimonas

July 12, 2016
Palaios Panteleimonas, Greece
“We’re having lunch tomorrow at Palaios Panteleimonas before heading back to Thessaloniki.” said The Greek Mister as he gulped down the last drop of his tsipouro. “Pantele-what?” I asked. “It’s the place that you showed me from Marissa’s blog.” He does listen and pay attention! Holy crap! A very long time ago, I came across this blog post of My Greece, My Travel

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Around The World

My 12 Favorite Old Towns in Europe

November 1, 2015
Venice, Italy
I am no city girl. I am definitely not impressed by modern skyscrapers, shiny new buildings and fast cars. It gives me anxiety and sometimes, even panic attacks whenever I find myself in the middle of busy cities. I prefer the laidback, peaceful and charming old towns more than the cities. Yes, I am an old soul. During my travels, I am mostly fascinated by cobblestone streets with centuries-old buildings and classi

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Corfu, Greece

Things To Do in Corfu: Discover the Old Town of Corfu

October 16, 2013
Old Town Corfu
The boyfriend asked me what I wanted for dinner and for no particular reason, I told him I’d like to try moussaka. I wasn’t able to try it out the first time I was in Greece and I’m definitely not going to miss it this time. At this point, I have already gained a few pounds since I started my holiday but I don’t really care. Greece will make you fat, that I’m sure of. I’d rather

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