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Expat Life in Dubai

last night with mom

November 20, 2009
so this has been an overdue post i know. the new work schedule has been eating my head up for the past few days now and the workload is just totally outrageous so let me set the time back a little (a week to be exact). On November 12, all of us (mom, aunt, brother, sister-in-law, cousin and i) headed to Dubai terminal 3 to bid our last farewell to the manila group. My mom will be staying back for a couple more hour

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Random Musings

My Mom is Here.

November 11, 2009
Right, so it has been 6 days since my mom arrived and lots of things have happened. I was planning to do a diary-kind of blog to update you all of what’s been happening on a daily basis but I found no time to blog, my mind is a whirlwind of thoughts for the past few days and I have no idea how to put these thoughts into words – so i skipped blogging and uploaded photos instead on facebook – a pict

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Random Musings

The Plan

May 6, 2009
I was on my way to my ballet class when I saw my mom heading towards the same direction and I asked her where she’s going? she told me that she wants to see me dance before she goes to the US. my heart lept with excitement at the thought of my mom watching me dance, so i ran ahead of her and got to the ballet studio panting but was very eager to start the class and impress my mom. i grabbed the nearest ballet

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