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My 12 Favorite Old Towns in Europe

November 1, 2015
Venice, Italy
I am no city girl. I am definitely not impressed by modern skyscrapers, shiny new buildings and fast cars. It gives me anxiety and sometimes, even panic attacks whenever I find myself in the middle of busy cities. I prefer the laidback, peaceful and charming old towns more than the cities. Yes, I am an old soul. During my travels, I am mostly fascinated by cobblestone streets with centuries-old buildings and classi

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11 of The Most Beautiful Views I’ve Seen

May 12, 2015
Nice, France
The world is a wonderful and beautiful place, that I know which is one of the reasons why I travel. Seeing the places I normally hear people talk about makes it such a surreal experience for me. Who would’ve thought that a small town girl like I am would be able to see these breathtaking views around the world? As hard as it is for me, I’ve picked 11 of the most beautiful views I’ve seen so far du

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Expat Life in Dubai

Day 9: Last day of the weekend…. Boo hoo!

July 3, 2011
With herculian efforts that only I can manage, I peeled myself off the bed and checked out of Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel at exactly 12nn (of course that’s after taking a luxurious bath in their tub hihi). After that “posh” weekend spent in a good hotel with good food, I made my way to the metro to take the 45mins. train ride going home. Hehehe. Anyway, I had a great weekend (of course with a good comp

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Day 15: Eze, Monaco and Monte Carlo

September 1, 2009
This is a long overdue post of the last and the best day of my recent Euro trip. No other words to describe the French Riviera but – MAGNIFIQUE. The photos below will say it all. The above photo was the scenery on our way to Eze, a point where you can see the whole of the French Riviera. Breathtaking! And these below were taken from Monaco, the quaint little country (and I meant really small) which will make

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