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The big TWO NINE.

October 22, 2012
I don’t know about you but I really like celebrating my birthday with my friends. I like to party on my birthday, that’s the one day in a year that I would really love to go on the dancefloor and just dance until my feet hurts. I am not into the lame dinner under the stars and the whatnots, that’s not a celebration for me. A successful birthday celebration for me is to see my friends doing some cr

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Expat Life in Dubai

that’s what friends are for….

May 23, 2008
am in a pensive mood, (the usual state of self). deep in thoughts with a tinge of sadness. always daydreaming, i have created a wonderful world in my mind where am genuinely happy. life is better in that world, well at least for me. no hi’s, no hello’s, no how are you’s – nada, zilch, nothing. and another thing – friends???? bless me… this is a disaster waiting to happen. am ment

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Expat Life in Dubai

The weekend that was….

May 17, 2008
So, the very very long weekend came into existence. Solely for me. Haha! Started off as a not a very productive Wednesday night as I just stayed in, did the laundry, bla bla bla – in short, very domesticated. Come Thursday afternoon, went over to Monmon’s to take that trip going to the Greens. Since the itinerary for the evening is to invade that side of Dubai for the night, Monmon offered her place for

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