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Where To Stay in Santorini.

July 21, 2016
Santorini, Greece
So you decided to visit the most beautiful place in the world (according to myself) for your holiday but you’re wondering if Santorini is really as expensive as they say it is? I hate to break this news to you but it is actually very expensive. Santorini together with its equally popular Cyclades island sister Mykonos are the two most expensive places you can go to in Greece, that’s why most of the Gree

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Random Musings

Day 6: Check out/Check in.

August 31, 2011
We had our last breakfast in Heliophos Hotel, checked out and then headed off to Fira to look for an ATM machine, petrol station (the rented car badly needs it) and somewhere to sit and have our coffee. In Fira, we decided to give it another shot as we might change our minds and start to appreciate its beauty. Well, seeing the central town during daylight didn’t even give it justice. The kind owner of Helioph

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