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Expat Life in Qatar, Restaurants in Qatar

Ramadan in Doha 2016: Ramadan Tent at Four Seasons Hotel Doha

June 11, 2016
Ramadan Tent, Four Seasons Doha,
Who in their right mind declines an invitation from Four Seasons Hotel Doha? Must be crazy right? As hard for me to admit it, I was that crazy person to decline an invite to try iftar at their Ramadan tent as I already had plans on the same day. My heart was broken into pieces as I wrote a reply back to Four Seasons to tell them that I couldn’t make it. Imagine my delight when I received another email telli

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Expat Life in Qatar

Doha, Qatar | I Am A Nobu Virgin No More.

April 30, 2016
Let me tell you a secret, I hate going to expensive restaurants. You know those kinds which expects you to pay a month’s salary and your first born child for a meal where you will get a tiny portion of food on a plate much bigger than your face? You know the kind? Yeah, I hate those. I’ve declined quite a few invitations to try those kinds of places in the past because it’s just not me and I know

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Expat Life in Qatar, Pool and Beach Access in Qatar

Resorts Offering Pool And Beach Access For A Day in Doha, Qatar.

April 27, 2016
Pool and beach access Intercontinental Doha
Summer is here! With the rising temperature here in Doha, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only here dreaming of being in a tropical island enjoying the sounds of the gentle waves and the refreshing waters of the ocean. Well guess what? Doha has a lot of places for you to enjoy just that. Okay, maybe not the best beaches but it certainly can satisfy anyone’s craving for a little short break without ha

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Expat Life in Qatar

Pool and Beach Access at Four Seasons Doha

March 23, 2016
Pool and beach access at Four Seasons Doha,
You can spend so much money to stay in a resort but all the aesthetic beauty of it is nothing if great service isn’t provided at the same time, right? Four Seasons Doha knows this and they make sure that the amount you pay is worth all its value and exceeds your expectations with its grandiose beauty and service. I’ve been to quite a few resorts now in Doha to try out their pool and beach access for a d

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Expat Life in Qatar

Business Lunch at Elements, Four Seasons Hotel Doha

March 19, 2016
Business lunch at Elements, Four Seasons Doha, PinayFlyingHigh-3
Everyone’s been to Elements at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha except for me, I thought. I was at their grand opening but that doesn’t really count as an experience does it? And to be frank, all that grand opening event ever did was to entice me even more with its mouthwatering dishes to try for a full meal so I convinced Rochelle of Quest and Mark to try out their business lunch with me (not that it was ha

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Expat Life in Qatar

Four Seasons Doha | Pasta Tasting at Il Teatro

February 24, 2016
Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha
Have you ever faced a dilemma of not knowing what to order from the choices given to you on the menu? That feeling that you’d like to try it all if only you can eat that much without breaking the bank or your belt? Have you ever spent so much time going through the menu over and over again deciding which dish is worth giving up for like it’s a decision that will gravely affect your future? And lastly, h

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