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England, Oxford

Day Trips From London | Oxford, A DIY Day Trip Itinerary

July 6, 2017
Many of you already know by now that one of the things that I love about living in London is the endless options of things to do and places to explore in and around the city. Ancient structures, beautiful cities and scenic natural wonders are all just a driving distance away. The mere thought of it excites me and I’m determined to visit all these places and probably more. One of the cities I’ve been dyi

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Canterbury, England, Kent

Day Trips From London | Canterbury Weekend

April 30, 2017
Canterbury -
When you hear Canterbury one immediately thinks of the Canterbury Tales, the first major work written in English with literary merit. But have you ever read it? Not me, I don’t even know why I know of its existence to be quite honest with you. After my visit to this city, I have an inclination to find a copy of this book. Probably a translated copy to modern English though as I’m afraid I won’t

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England, Kent, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Day Trips From London | Royal Tunbridge Wells

April 26, 2017
Royal Tunbridge Wells -
Oh hey! It’s been awhile. I haven’t written for such a long time on here, not that anyone’s actually holding their breathe waiting for my next post. Life happened, it’s been a crazy month for me and although I’ve been going out and about around the city of London (and beyond) quite a lot, I do forget to take photos and document the whole thing. I guess that’s what happens when yo

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Brighton, England

Day Trips From London | Visit Brighton For Some Sun And Sea.

March 4, 2017
Brighton -
We went to Brighton for a day a few weeks ago while my mother-in-law was visiting us from Greece. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision and knowing how Greeks take their time to get ready, we left our house at around 2:30pm which means we had less time to explore Brighton by the time we arrived an hour and a half later. Thankfully though, we arrived just before sunset so I was able to take quite a few photos which s

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