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Bradford on Avon, Castle Combe, Corsham, England, Lacock, Longleat

Weekend In Wiltshire | And A Cotswolds Village Hopping Itinerary

September 12, 2017
View of Castle Combe from Bybrook.
The lovely weekend we spent in Wiltshire was a much needed retreat for The Greek Mister and myself. Although it was only 48 hours, it felt like we’ve spent a lot more days than that. I got confused of what day it was a couple of times while we were there because it truly felt like we’ve been whiling away our time in the beautiful surroundings of Wiltshire for a good whole week. Time stood still and the

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Bradford on Avon, England

Scenes From Bradford On Avon

February 8, 2017
Bradford on Avon, England -
On our way back to Bath from Stonehenge, we passed by Bradford on Avon which is only 20mins away from Bath center. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to expect from Bradford on Avon. All I did was check what’s the nearest Cotswolds village from Bath and told The Greek Mister that we should pass by it as I know for a fact that all of the Cotswold villages are pretty. We were not disappointed a

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Bath, England

Christmas In Bath | The Walking Dead Episodes

December 29, 2016
Christmas in Bath,
It’s my first Christmas as an expat out of the Middle East and I couldn’t be happier that I’m celebrating it here in England. I think living in London makes me more and more of an Anglophile specially since this place has satiated my obsession of Christmas. Christmas lights, Christmas markets and Christmas trees have sprung out of nowhere and delighted me in more ways than one. I wanted to take it

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