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Meeting Mitzie Mee in DC.

October 27, 2014
Patagonia, DC
Mitzie Mee is one of the Dubai-based bloggers who I have had the opportunity to get to know while in Dubai. The first time we met was during the charity event that I organized and she was one of the many bloggers who helped me advertise it. When I met her I knew that we’d get along because just like me, she has this unapologetic frankness in her, saying things as she sees it. So frank that she will have silly

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Random Musings

A Sweet Coincidence

September 14, 2013
It has always surprised me whenever someone recognizes me because of this blog. Never have I imagined that I will become a bit famous because of what I write on here, it never crossed my mind. However, since I started this site – I have randomly met fans of the blog at least thrice. That’s not too many I know but it means a lot to me. They call me “Pinay” or “Pinay Flying High” d

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