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My 12 Favorite Old Towns in Europe

November 1, 2015
Venice, Italy
I am no city girl. I am definitely not impressed by modern skyscrapers, shiny new buildings and fast cars. It gives me anxiety and sometimes, even panic attacks whenever I find myself in the middle of busy cities. I prefer the laidback, peaceful and charming old towns more than the cities. Yes, I am an old soul. During my travels, I am mostly fascinated by cobblestone streets with centuries-old buildings and classi

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Around The World

My Travels in 2013.

December 29, 2013
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
I seriously thought that I didn’t travel much this year until I started writing this post. It may not be as much travels as the other years that passed but there is a reason to it. This year, I have seen a change in trend in my traveling style. I no longer put in as much places to visit in my itinerary – making sure that I stay in each cities at least for 4 full days – at the very least, to be abl

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Random Musings

Where I Ate in Bruges: Pizzeria Da Mario

May 13, 2013
Pizzeria Da Mario
Again and again, it’s an Italian restaurant even in Bruges. Well I have an excuse here though, Pizzeria Da Mario has a great location (at the square, opposite the Belfry tower) and a very friendly staff who speaks perfect English. Besides, I didn’t order any Italian food and went Belgian all the way – mussels cooked in white wine with french fries and a glass of my favorite Belgian beer, Bellevue

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Belgium, Bruges

Things To Do in Paris: Take a day tour to Bruges.

May 11, 2013
That movie right there made me ache to see Bruges. You haven’t seen it? Then you must. You would want to book a flight to Belgium right after though, don’t say I didn’t warn you. A few minutes before 7 on a Friday morning, I arrived at the Cityrama office in Paris near the Louvre museum. It was cold and I suddenly had the itch to quickly buy a hot coffee to warm me up. Good thing I didn’t a

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