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Yum Cha Brunch at Hwang, I Want To Love You But I Just Can’t.

May 1, 2016
Yum Cha Brunch, Intercontinental Doha The City
Before you go on reading this review, I have to warn you about something. This is definitely the most unreasonable review I have ever written and that you shouldn’t base your decision to try out the Yum Cha Brunch on this blog post alone. The thing is, the brunch for me didn’t start very well and I’ve let that one measly incident affect my whole experience of the brunch (totally my fault

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Expat Life in Qatar

Bento Box at Hwang, Intercontinental Doha The City.

April 25, 2016
Bento Box at Hwang, Intercontinental Doha The City
My latest lunch quest is the bento box at Hwang in Intercontinental Doha The City, the one near City Center as per my UBER driver. I have been to Hwang many times before including that time when the Greek mother-in-law was here in Doha for a visit. She didn’t like the ramen served here which I thought was delicious, she said soup is only to be served when someone’s sick. Don’t listen to her, she

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Expat Life in Qatar

Hakkatini Nights at Hakkasan Doha, A Fad or Here To Stay?

April 10, 2016
Hakkatini Nights at Hakkasan Doha,
I hate going to upscale and (international) branded fancy restaurants, there I said it. I’ve always thought and believed that people who go to these places are there to be seen because it’s an international brand after all (anyone, anywhere will know it’s fab!) and not to enjoy the food which is exorbitantly priced. I always become a cynic or a critic whenever I go to such places and will always t

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Expat Life in Qatar

Playstation Cafeteria, Cheapest and The Most Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Doha.

February 18, 2016
A red lantern hanging by the door is a sure sign that whatever they have behind those doors will somehow have a Chinese influence. After all – a red lantern is meant prosperous business for the Chinese. I side-stepped a cat lying comfortably by the steps leading to the restaurant called Playstation Cafeteria, a very inappropriate name for a restaurant I should say but it’s an extremely popular one here

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Expat Life in Qatar

Pay Half The Price With Your Entertainer App at Spice Market’s Streetfood Friday Brunch

February 8, 2016
Friday Brunch at Spice Market
Yes! You’ve read that right, Friday brunch at Spice Market is one of The Entertainer’s Monthly Offer for the month of February. That’s 4 Fridays of a Buy One Get One Free at the famous Spice Market’s Friday brunch! An automatic savings of QAR410 each time you use it, how beautiful does it sound? As soon as I found out about the offer, I immediately booked a brunch for The Greek Mister and I

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Expat Life in Qatar

The Entertainer Qatar | Chopsticks at Wyndam Grand Regency Hotel

January 20, 2016
Chopsticks, Wyndham Grand Regency Doha
I was famished after the cold brew event at Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel, it’s the weird effect of coffee on me. It makes me really very hungry if I drank it before eating. I checked my Entertainer App for any vouchers that I can use in the restaurants of Wyndham Grand Regency and found Chopsticks Restaurant which is just great as I was craving for some Asian dishes that night. Red and black colors dominates t

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