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Tabu Bar @ Fujaira Rotana Experience

June 28, 2010

right, this is another delayed post. i just came around to doing this because you see, it’s my off today and it’s only now that i was reminded to put in all these reviews and update my blog.

so here goes….

the ambience: is great! if this bar is in Dubai, it will always be full. but because it’s in one of the saddest place in the UAE, it’s usually almost empty. too bad because this is by far the best bar in this place. they have no pretentious protocol of “dress codes”, you can come in with just your board shorts and even go topless (of course for men only) which is almost always the trend since people coming in here were tired of lazing around the beach which is just outside of it. they have really comfy sofas where you can sink in and the best live band in town which is kind of surprising because the vocalist is a Filipina. I am so used to bands with a Filipina singer scantily dressed doing some really cheap dance routine in tune of a badly covered Black Eyed Peas song (yes, i am looking at the foolish singers in that sad little place called Rocky’s in Deira, Dubai). Anyway, the band plays smooth jazz, bossa nova, reggae and the likes. If I may, I will call it an acoustic all-around band as they cover new hits without sounding cheap. In between band acts, they will play the same kinds of genre, sometimes even hiphop but play it in a modulated tone, enough for you to have a good-sounding backdrop as you talk nonsense to your friends without having the need to scream at each other’s faces. I like the place, enough said.

staff: are great! they remember your face (well probably because it’s not everyday that they see a face again in span of 1 month) and they usually go around the place to check if everything is alright or if you need something else.

service: fast. as soon as you order, the waiter will come back in no more than 5 minutes with your drinks. well, probably because you’re the only one in there but still, i’ll give them credits for that. :p

food: is not your usual barfood. order a calamari and they’ll give you some really badass calamaris like they have their own breeding ground for giant squids. i’ve never seen calamari as big as the ones they have there. it looks like mini donuts. well ok, to make you realize how it is, you would need to bite into it and not shove it all in your mouth like how regular calamaris are. and once you bite half of it, you won’t be able to talk without spilling bits and pieces of it on the floor. yes, it’s a giant squid… maybe an octopus even. their potato wedges can feed 3 hungry construction workers and their nachos will be in a very big bowl which seems like a bottomless pit. so think twice before ordering appetizers because their appetizers can serve as a main course already.

price: we ordered a club sandwich, potato wedges, calamari, 2 vodka with sprite, a pint of Heineken and a mojito and got a bill of AED200. after my staff discount, the bill goes down to AED165. suweeeeet! :p

rating: 10 out of 10.

Note: the place shows some major sport events on their widescreens, a good venue for you to watch the World Cup, that is if you’re staying nearby. ūüôā

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