Swine or not?

I’ve been sick for 4 days now. No fever whatsoever during the day but as soon as the sun sets my immune system falls asleep as well. I’ve had on and off fever, chills, occasional vomiting, a whole body ache – all happening in the evening. I went to the hospital the first day of my fever and was prescribed by meds good for 3 days. Yesterday was my 3rd day, i had 38.5 degree fever at 2 this morning. So with lack of further options, i called myself a cab and went to the hospital all by my sorry self.

At Belhoul Specialty Hospital….

There were about 9 nurses inside the emergency room and only one patient – me. As i reached the nurses’ station, 9 pairs of eyes were looking at me in astonishment like I have some kind of a rod growing out of my head. The least they could have done was to ask me why in the world am I there for? But nobody said anything and instead they just stared at me like it’s the most bizarre thing to see someone walk in the emergency room of a hospital. “ah, something’s wrong with me? and i need your help???” I said. Just then one male nurse started taking my vitals.

As per the doctor’s advise, I need to undergo CBC. Female nurse came into the room and pricked me with the needle. As she was about to remove the needle she asked me if it’s painful (you’re pricking me with a needle and you’ll ask me if it hurts??????) I calmly said – yes. “too much?” she asked. Again I said yes. “because it’s swollen” she said (then you must be doing it all wrong you dum dum!). I didn’t say anything.

After about an hour and a half, dum dum female nurse came back and told me that the result of the CBC was viral infection which is quite obvious by now. I asked for a copy of the result but she said she couldn’t give it to me as it’s the hospital file. I asked if I could get a medical certificate for yesterday because I was not able to go to work as well yesterday, she said no because I didn’t go to the hospital yesterday. I asked if I can get a swine flu test and she said it cannot be done for an out-patient. A person must be admitted first to the hospital before they could undergo a swine flu test as per the Department of Health of Dubai which is absolutely ridiculous I think. What if I really do have the swine flu and I am prancing around Dubai and spreading the virus all around town? I am willing to take that test just so I’ll know if I have it or not and get it over with because seriously, the body ache and the fever and the chills at night is getting to my nerves already – specially the body ache.

After awhile, dum dum female nurse came back in the room and proudly told me that the doctor prescribed a swine flu medicine to me – Tamiflu. I asked her, why was I prescribed a swine flu medicine when they don’t know if I have it or not? “you might have it that’s why the doctor already gave you this medicine” she said. “and you’re just going to let me walk out of your hospital even if you already think that I might have it?”. she shrugged in response.

I had no energy to argue with her so I just walked out of the ER hoping that i would never see them again.


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