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October 19, 2011

My colleagues gave me an advanced birthday cake earlier this morning and here I thought that I’m lucky that my birthday falls on a weekend so I won’t have to deal with surprise birthday whatevers at work. Although I hate surprises, I’m usually the one who plans for surprise whatevers for my colleagues. How does it feel then to get the advanced birthday cake at work earlier? Well, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I think I actually liked it. It’s funny though because 5 seconds before they gave me the cake, I was, once again, pissed at someone and was going to throw a punch in the air out of frustration and I didn’t realize that all of them were behind my desk with the cake at that very moment. The frown on my face instantly became a smile when I heard them singing the happy birthday song (note to self: the birthday song apparently makes me smile).

After this surprise thingy, I may have changed my mind about surprises. I may actually like it from now on. Haha! Anyway, these people that I work with are all awesome! We may be fighting with each other (I literally mean shouting and cursing at each other) on a daily basis but we all know that at the end of the day, we will all have a laugh about it. Our counter is one big, chaotic circus and it’s not for the faint of hearts. 🙂 I’d post some photos taken earlier but we’re all wearing our uniforms and it’s really not my intention to disclose where i work on this blog (for personal reasons hehehe).

To my stupid and silly colleagues,

Thanks for the cake! It would’ve been better if it was something from this birthday wishlist though. I’ll send my wishlist to all of you next year and you better give me what I want. :p

Drum bun! (as how the gypsy from Bulgaria usually say it)

I leave you now with a photo of my half-eaten cake:

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