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August 10, 2008

I had a big grin on my face the whole day today. All because of one thing – a surprise from someone. Am a sucker for surprises. Can be as simple as a phone call, a little note, showing your face at my doorstep with food :p You see, not so hard to please me. 🙂

There’s something about getting something when you least expect it/for no reason at all. It makes you feel “special” and there’s no grander thing than the thought that you were remembered by someone. So…. to whom this may concern, a BIG thank you. I know I’ve thanked you gazilion times already earlier but….. it really meant a lot to me. As simple as it may be, but it does make a big difference. I was happy the whole day because of that, even if i had to do a split shift at work earlier. Hehehe. It definitely and absolutely made my day (probably the week), no question about it.

So i did had a split shift earlier. 0830-1300//1700-2030. by 1pm, i scheduled a session with my gym trainor. ate my lunch afterwards then slacked around the gym for 2 hours. good thing the gym offers free internet access to their members so at least i’ve got something to do to kill time. :p

anyway, thanks again to you. you know who you are, to whom this is dedicated. 🙂

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