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December 21, 2011

This page has been silent lately and I doubt it will change soon having work upto my eyeballs which makes me really tired when I get home that I’d just go straight to bed after shower and drool my saliva to sleep. Anyhoo, I thought I’d give you all an update of my extremely boring life.

Update # 1: The year is coming to an end and the biggest problem I’m currently facing right now is where to spend the New Year’s Eve – what with all the great parties happening at that time around town, I can’t seem to put my finger to it (of course I’m lying, I’m looking for something within my budget). The boyfriend is not much of help, he told me that he’ll go wherever I want to go and I gave him a very upset grunt in reply and then he said: “what? are you mad? do you know how many girls out there who’d love to hear their boyfriend say that he’ll do whatever she wants and you don’t like that?” and then he made me smile again. Anyway, at least the list is down to 2: Nasimi beach and Wafi Rooftop – I’m crossing out Barasti for this year because for heaven’s sake, we’ve already had 2 New Year’s Eve party there!

Update # 2:
Since I’ve been lazier than the usual for the past few days, I haven’t gotten around my New Year’s Resolution. You all know by now that I love doing this resolution thingy and not REALLY doing it right? Case in point is my resolution supposedly for this great year of 2011. I entitled the entry as: 2011 will be a year of thrift traveling. When clearly, this year – I traveled to 5 countries and not all of it was thrifty. I went to India last February, Greece and Singapore last August, Italy last October and Thailand last November. And then I also mentioned in that entry that I’m already debt-free but now, I am once again in-debt. 🙂 Oh well. Next year, 2012 – I am PLANNING to just travel twice (maximum). We’ll see about that.

Update # 3: I can’t eat pasta. Dammit! As a gastritis patient, I need to watch out what I eat or else my stomach will wreck havoc and make me squirm in pain. But not all of the food which were deemed unfit for gastritis patients are also not good for me, it actually depends on how your own stomach will react on certain kinds of food. I noticed though that pasta makes me gassy and my stomach hurts a little whenever I eat it – so I’ll have to steer myself away from it for now. So that’s pasta and alcohol for me – the two best things in life. How uncool???

Update # 4: A friend’s daughter was chatting with me about her homework earlier (capital cities of countries and yes, she prefers to chat with me rather than looking it up herself in the interwebs – kids these days right?) and after she finished it, she said: “Tita, I can’t wait to grow up and know everything like you”. I farted in response. I mean, seriously? The kid’s got her role-model crap all mixed up – she needs an intervention.

Update # 5: We’re having a house party on the 24th. I’ve missed house parties! I can’t even remember when was the last time I went to one. Anyway, I’m all giddy and excited for the holiday season even if I only have one day off (Christmas itself) for it. Yay!

Advance Merry Christmas!

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