Sunday Brunch at The Glamourous Hart’s Boatyard

Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England
The newly renovated Hart's Boatyard in Surbiton promises not only a glamorous interior and magnificent riverside view but also fantastic food!

Flowers are starting to bloom, days are getting longer, weather’s becoming a tiny bit warmer and eyes are starting to water (because of hay fever) – at last! Spring is upon us! If only we’re not on lockdown at the moment right? Anyway, I’m hopeful that this will be over soon, although at the time of writing this post Boris Johnson is currently in the ICU so I’m not sure until when the lockdown is gonna last. 

But once we’re allowed to live life as normal again, I’d go back to Hart’s Boatyard – one of my favourite riverside pubs which recently had its full renovation over the winter period to be summer ready. What I’d give up right now to sip a glass (or three) of Pimm’s at their balcony overlooking the River Thames. 

Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England

I was invited to attend the launch of the refurbished Hart’s Boatyard but I was unfortunately in Chester that same night so I missed it. They have kindly arranged a Sunday brunch for me instead, so off The Greek Mister and I went one sunny Sunday afternoon. Or so we thought. Just as we were starting our riverside walk to Hart’s Boatyard, it started raining cats and dogs and we needed to take shelter from the nearest pub. It stopped raining soon after but we were still a bit late on our 1pm reservation.

We arrived at Hart’s Boatyard drenched but we were immediately shown to our table on the top floor under the skylight (I requested for a table with natural lighting for instagrammic purposes lol). The pub is completely brand new, I didn’t see any hint of the previous Hart’s Boatyard. It’s now a multi-level pub and the entire place was glammed up to the highest standards. I absolutely loved everything about it! The colours, the lights, the upholstery screams glamorous.

Starters at the Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England

Service was on the slow side BUT it was the friendliest service I have ever received. It was a Sunday and the pub was in full swing for brunch, everyone’s busy running around but whenever a staff comes to our table to take or deliver our order – they all had a warm smile on their faces. So no, I’m not going to be an ass and complain about the long wait because it’s obvious that they’re doing the best they can. Also because, the food was definitely worth the wait!

Seared wild atlantic scallops at the Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England

We had seared wild atlantic scallops and chargrilled octopus & chorizo to start with. The scallops were divine while the octopus had that perfect chargrilled taste that I miss from my taverna meals in Greece. I think that would be my staple starters whenever I’m at Hart’s Boatyard. 

sea bass fillet & charred octopus at the Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England

For our mains, the Greek Mister had roast lamb rump which tasted as beautifully as it was presented according to him and satisfied his huge hunger while I had a more delicate and light sea bass fillet & charred octopus. I loved the crunch on my sea bass’ skin and I had to immediately finish the charred octopus as I was afraid The Greek Mister would take some off my plate.

roast lamb rump at the Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England

To finish it off, we had The Ambassador’s Melting Chocolate & Hazelnut Bomb which tasted good but the syrup wasn’t fully melted. There were clumps of it when we poured it over so it wasn’t a perfect video that I captured. Apart from that small fail, it tasted good and that’s saying a lot because I normally don’t like desserts but I actually had quite a few spoonful of it because it wasn’t that sweet.

The Ambassador’s Melting Chocolate & Hazelnut Bomb at Hart's Boatyard, Surbiton, London, England

It was an amazing meal and Hart’s Boatyard just went high up on my list of favourite riverside pubs.

Disclaimer: I occasionally receive invitations to try out restaurants on a complimentary basis in exchange for a blog review or Instagram post. Rest assure that I always give my honest opinion in these reviews and will only use my own photos. I also only accept invitations from restaurants or other food establishments that I would personally visit.


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