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Summer Place @ Metropolitan hotel Sheikh Zayed Road

June 19, 2011

Due to the off-the-beaten path location of Metropolitan hotel, we’ve never really set our foot there except for that weekend which we spent in that hotel. The hotel was offering a Stay 3, Pay for 2 promo so why the hell not? For our first night’s dinner, we went to Summer Place – the famous Chinese restaurant which was more prominently known as Summer Palace for Dubai-ites who’ve been here before I did.

We went there at around 10pm and feared that it was already closed as the restaurant was almost empty and could not find anyone at the receiving area to assist us. The decor was so Shanghai-chic-y with black and red paintings on the wall and a wooden floor. The restaurant was surprisingly huge as well. A friendly face came up to us and asked if we had a reservation (like it would be hard for them to sit us in this almost empty restaurant) and we said no, she then directed us to a table near the window with an unflattering view of Sheikh Zayed Road.

We ordered a vegetable soup with tofu and crab and sweet corn soup. It was served to us immediately in a tiny little bowl and I just had to breathe a sigh of relief when I saw a larger bowl of both soups waiting for us on the table next to ours to refill our tiny bowls. I was so close to throwing a tantrum for paying AED29 for each soup only to be served a kiddie portion.

For appetizer, we ordered iceburg lettuce leaves with minced chicken, waterchestnuts, vegetables and plum sauce which was absolutely fantastic. The first time I’ve ever eaten this was at Fui Yui Restaurant which is a Japanese restaurant my aunt usually brings me to when I was a kid and I remember finding so much joy in filling the iceberg lettuce with the minced chicken and gobbling it all nonstop. The sauce had the right kind of sweetness. My mouth waters just by thinking about it.

Iceberg lettuce Photo taken from: http://bonappetitreview.blogspot.com

For the main course, we ordered aromatic crispy duck which was highly recommended by a blog I read beforehand. A waiter prepared the crispy duck right in front of us chopping and slicing the bird with precision and expertise, wrapping it up in a rice cake with cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce. The waiter handed 3 pcs of wrapped peking duck for each of us before leaving the rest of the duck on our table. Hands down, the crispy duck at Summer Place is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I’d probably rank it as the second best from all the ducks I’ve eaten here in Dubai (nothing beats the duck at the Chinese restaurant in Shangri-la Hotel). It was oh so crispy and tasty! I just kept on stuffing it inside my mouth though I was already full thinking that I may not be able to eat that duck for a long time again. Yum yum yum!

Photo taken from a random flickr account.

Will I ever go back to Summer Place? Hell yeah! The service was excellent, the ambiance was great and the duck was ammmmmmmazing! If only it’s not situated in the middle of Sheikh Zayed road then I’d probably drag the boyfriend there for dinner all the time.

Our total bill:

1 vegetable soup with tofu AED29
1 crab and sweet corn soup AED29
1 Aromatic duck AED83
1 Iceberg lettuce AED78
1 Coke in can AED17
1 Hildon water AED18
Total bill for two AED254.00

I wish it had an Entertainer voucher though. 🙁

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