Suicidal Moments at work

** name has been changed to protect the ignorant *** Phone rings *
Me: Good morning! This is noemi how may I help you?
L: Hi Noemi, just a quick question. About Mr. A’s flight to Vancouver via London, will he be able to get out of the airport in London for a few hours then come back for his flight to Dubai?
Me: Yep, the fare allows stopovers.
L: but how about immigration process?
Me: you mean for the visa in London or in Dubai?
L: London
Me: what kind of passport is he holding?
L: what do you mean?
Me: what passport is he holding? German passport? French? Italian?
L: well, he’s British and he’s holding UK passport
Me: (totally lost now) uhmmmmm hmmmm…. So the passenger is british and you’re asking me if he can enter his home country without a visa?
L: yes.
Me: (WTF???) he’s british and entering london, no need for visa.
L: great! You’re a star!!!!!

– end of conversation –

A very similar scenario happened 2 days back with a fellow Filipina:

P: ate, magkakaproblema ba ako pag hanggang april na lang ang validity ng passport ko at magtatravel ako ng march?
Me: definitely. Kasi dapat at least 6months ang validity ng passport mo pag magtravel ka.
P: kahit pauwi lang sa pinas?
Me: ay hinde, ok lang kung pauwi ka ng pinas.
P: sigurado ka te? Kasi sabi sakin sa embassy kelangan daw at least 6 months valid ang passport pag magtatravel.
Me: 6months valid kung pupunta ka sa ibang bansa. Pero kung uuwi ka sa home country mo, kahit 1 month valid na lang yan pwede pa.
P: sige thank you.

-after a few hours, balik na naman si kabayan sa office-
P: ate, tumawag ako sa embassy… hindi daw pwede. Kelangan daw 6months valid…. Sabi ng embassy.
Me: sabi ng Philippine embassy?
P: hinde, dubai.
Me: huh? Baket dubai?
P: ay hindi ba dun?
Me: sa philippine embassy ka dapat magtanong dahil dun ka papunta.
P: pero ate sure ka na pwedeng magtravel kahit 1month na lang ang validity?
Me: ok lang. kasi security measures yung 6months validity kung pupunta ka sa ibang bansa. Eh kung pauwi ka sa bansa mo, alangan namang mag TNT ka pa di ba? Eh nasa bansa mo na ikaw. Kamusta ka naman nun kung mag-TNT ka sa bansa mo. Hindi yata makatarungan yun.
P: oo nga noh? Sige thank you kabayan ha?

* toinkz! *


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