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August 13, 2007

I hate needles. Add to it the sight of blood and I am ready to faint. I finished my medical examinations yesterday in lieu of my being a Dubaiyuki. The nurse was very impolite, she asked me to sit down and without further ado tied my arm, wiped it with alcohol and pricked. AWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I wanted to slap her face HARD. RRRRR. Anyways, I didn’t have time to react, ’twas so fast. I just sat still and waited for her to finish, while glaring at her. GRRRR.

After the medical examinations, we watched Ballet Philippines’ production – RIZAL REVISITED/DOUBLE TAKES. Watching ballet productions – specially with BAllet Philippines frustrates me always. It would’ve been me up there dancing on the stage if only I pursued my dream of becoming a ballerina. 🙁 Hayyyyyzzzzz. Well anyways, ’twas really good. Bravo again for Ballet Philippines.

Speaking of ballet, I have finished 4 songs already for our December production:

Sundo by Imago

Posible by Rivermaya

Superhero by Rocksteddy

Panalangin by APO as covered by MYMP

And now, after seeing Rizal Revisited I think I want to create a show based on that. It will be a narration of Rizal’s life – highlights of his life and we’ll be using modern songs for the show. Hmmmm…. Well, am open to suggestions. Anybody?????

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