Starting The Way To A Stress-Free Life

When I did my previous post, it amazed me how many people responded to it through email, personal message on Facebook and some through comments. It’s kind of overwhelming to know how many people are actually into this blog of mine. I have been writing recently mostly about travel destinations and restaurant reviews that I somehow lost touch of the original idea of what this blog is all about – my life. I seldom write about myself anymore and a message from a reader made me realize it telling me that it’s good to read about my quirkiness once again and that she missed it.

The messages were mostly suggestions on what I can do to de-stress myself which was my topic on my previous post. For all of you who sent me a message, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. It really is overwhelming. So today, I actually followed some of those suggestions:

1. I didn’t stress myself too much at work today.

I was told that work is just a part of life, a part of it. A small part of it. My life should not revolve around it. One should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. It’s true, so very true. It’s good to have a job to sustain yourself, you earn money from it which you need to live – that’s the reality. But you can’t just think about it too much because trust me, your company thinks you’re as dispensable as that fax machine anyway (specially with what’s happening with our company these days). They could easily hire someone else if you’re gone so might as well treat your work as dispensable as you are too. I’m not saying do all the bullsh*ts at work or have that i-don’t-give-a-flying-f*ck attitude, no. All I’m saying is, work is JUST work. Your company isn’t going to bury you when you die, the people who you’ve neglected while you’re too busy spending all your time at work are the ones who will actually do that. Don’t put your whole life in it that you’ll let it be the boss of you. Go to work, do your best but as soon as you’re out of your office, have a life. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

2. I had a proper lunch.

I used to hurriedly eat my lunch but today, I took my own sweet time chewing my food and savoring its flavor. Lol. It was new to me, I’ve never enjoyed a lunch at work that much. :p

3. I didn’t push myself to finish everything before the day ends.

This is totally against my Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder but I realized that I just cannot do it all in one day, there’s no enough time for it. So I’ll just do whatever I can to the best of my ability and stick to the plan of going home early to still have a life outside of work. Whoever said “don’t leave until tomorrow what you can do today” probably died of stress and I don’t really want to end up like him/her.

4. I had a massage.

I didn’t just have a massage, I had a really fantastic massage! It was in Softouch Spa in Kempinski Mall of the Emirates. The therapist, Sarah was heaven-sent. I have very low threshold for pain which is the reason why I seldom have a massage since it gives me stress even more most of the time specially if the therapist gives me a really hard massage. Sarah’s massage was really good though, the pressure was just what I need and can take. As soon as she started on my back, she gasped and told me that I’ve got a lot of knots. Well that I already know which is why I was there. :p The whole experience was so relaxing and good that I immediately signed up to be a member. I’ll do it again next week. 🙂

5. I had a proper dinner.

I used to eat junk food for dinner because I’m too lazy to cook. Today though, I bought myself a nice Korean dinner from Koryo (fast food nonetheless but healthier, I think?) and enjoyed the meal once again just like what I did for my lunch. 🙂

I will start taking ballet classes once again by next week. I really would love to take the class at James and Alex studio as they’re running an intense ballet class program for 12 weeks and at the end of the program, you get to perform on stage. I miss performing and I think it’s a really good motivation for me to never miss a class. Unfortunately, they still haven’t changed their very early schedule of 6pm. The earliest I can get out of work is 5:45pm which makes it impossible for me to reach the class in time. Oh well, I’d take the class somewhere else.

I will also start eating healthy, probably avoid red meat for awhile? I’ve done it before for 2 years when I was in college. I only ate chicken or fish because red meat used to make me feel so bloated. So I’ll probably do it again.

I’ll start running walking at least 30 minutes everyday, finally make a good use out of that treadmill that my building’s gym has.

I’ll start drinking a glass of milk before I go to bed because I was told that it’ll give you a good night’s sleep. For now though, I’ve popped a sleeping aid pill to give me that well-deserved 8 hours.

Right, here’s to a stress-free life. I hope I can keep up with it.


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  • Mitzie Mee March 29, 2014 at 11:43

    Great to hear that you’re back on track! Too much stress will kill you and, maybe even worse, make you stop noticing and appreciating all the fun things in life:)

    • Pinay Flying High March 30, 2014 at 20:02

      I know! I’m more afraid that it’ll make me go cray cray rather than it killing me. Lol.

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