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The Stage Called Dubai

December 17, 2013

Saying that Dubai is a wonderful city is an understatement, with all its glitz and glamour and all the highest, biggest, grandest things that you can find here – I’d say that it’s a SUPERCALIFRAGIALISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS city. There is a downside to it though, at least for me. With all its extravagant features, you can’t – for the love of all things that matter to you – get caught in public not prepared to prettify the city even more. It seems to me like that whenever I step out the comforts of my apartment, all eyes will be on you.

Let me tell some examples:

1. I live near Mall of the Emirates, the biggest mall in this city a couple of years ago before Dubai Mall. Still, even if Mall of the Emirates lost its prestigious title, it has not lost it glamour. People who visit this mall are usually dressed up like they’re about to attend the party of the century – no matter what time of the day it is. On weekends, it’s packed with tourists, locals and residents – shopping, dining or just roaming around. It’s always crowded specially at around 7pm. So crowded that I think there should be a traffic light imposed in this mall for the crowd traffic during the peak hours of 7 until 10pm. Anyhow, having said all of that, I have mistakenly gone to this mall with the sole purpose of doing my grocery – in my normal shirt and shorts with no hint of make-up. To cut the long story short, I looked like a homeless person inside it and was afraid that the security guard will kick me out.

2. Well, the first example was in a mall – wait ’till you hear this next story. I learned my lesson from example number 1 so once, when I wanted to do some grocery shopping – I went instead to the small grocery store near my building wearing of course my normal shirt and shorts once again with no hint of make-up. I looked at the mirror before going out and I told myself that I look decent enough for a small grocery store so off I went. When I came back from my little shopping, a guy who apparently lives in my building as well held the elevator doors for me since I had a lot of stuff in my hand. He asked me which floor I wanted to go and he pressed the floor number for me. I thought to myself, awww what a nice a guy until he asked this question: “so which apartment do you work for?” Yes my dear readers, he thought I was a maid. I’ve nothing against maids let me just remind you. My point is, the idea of the Dubai people is for you to always look your best no matter what which is quite tiring for me. The same guy saw me a couple of days after and this time, I was wearing my uniform – the uniform is well-known in this city and it was my turn to ask him which floor he’d like to go. He couldn’t look straight to my eyes.


You’ll see the likes of them here in Dubai at any given time of the day.

I find it really fascinating to see women all made up whenever the boyfriend and I go for breakfast. Their hair falls with perfect, wavy curls on top of their shoulder, with dark smokey eyes, rosy cheek bones and perfectly painted red lips. I normally would just tie my hair up in a bun, powder my nose, pinch my cheeks and bite my lips to give it color. These women will be dressed up like they’re about to meet the David Beckham for lunch with stylish top, sexy jeans and 3-inch stilettos. They will walk in front of me and I will admire each of their sexy stride because you can’t make me wear heels on a weekend when I just woke up – I’d stumble and fall what with my wobbly and uncoordinated knees.

For some people who haven’t been to this city before, they usually have it in mind that since Dubai is in the Middle East – women will be covered in abaya. Well, some of them are but it doesn’t mean that they’re not made up as well. They are the epitome of class and elegance, their abaya flows as they walk and you can see a hint of a very-well coordinated dress underneath it. Of course their elegant and expensive purse will be matched by an equally elegant and expensive 3-inch shoes. As they pass by, you will smell their perfume and it will linger even if they’re already 10 meters away from you.

I admire them, seriously I do. I wish I have the same will and patience to prettify myself every single time I go out of my house. It’s not that I don’t take care of myself but it just mainly depends on my mood and what time of the day it is. For me, a weekend should be relaxing which is what I always tell myself as an excuse not to put on too much make-up whenever I go out for weekend breakfast. But then as soon as I am out in the stage called Dubai, I get all jittery as I’m surrounded with these pretty women.

Lesson? In Dubai, you’ll always have to be on top of everything or else, you’ll be left out. As for me, I’m ok to be left out on a weekend a little. Just a little. 🙂

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  • Reply Rhey December 22, 2013 at 02:12

    hahaha i love this post. it is how i feel. I don’t wear makeup and if I could wear rubber shoes to work, I would. But I am surrounded by women in stilletos and expensive clothing that I have started to wear makeup and to wear high heeled shoes. But I still wear my skechers when I know nobody would be dropping by my desk… okay i wear my skechers most of the time and my heels only when I would be going to the regional manager’s office.

    Oh well, this place is really all about appearances. it didn’t use to be… twenty years ago atleast.

  • Reply Mitzie Mee December 17, 2013 at 21:55

    So true! Appearance is really everything down here.

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