Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali | Surviving Two Nights Without TV Nor Wifi

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia -

“What the…..” The Greek Mister exclaimed with his arms up in disgust as he looked at the empty wall opposite our bed and it took me about 2 seconds to notice what he’s talking about – there’s no TV. That’s when I realized that I forgot to tell him that miniscule detail of the resort were staying at for the next 2 nights. Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali is a spa haven which promises to rejuvenate your mind and body by providing luxury spa treatments in a peaceful surroundings. I was in it for the spa treatments that are included in our stay, The Greek Mister was blindly dragged along.

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia

I was feeling awful the day we arrived for check-in due to the horrible and unfortunate case of Bali belly from the previous night (read post here: Three Nights in Nusa Dua With A Chance of Bali Belly) My whole body was aching so the complimentary head and shoulder massage provided by Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali while we were waiting for the whole check-in process to finish was a welcome treat for me, not so much for The Greek Mister who went as stiff as a board when the masseuse washed his feet with black sand taken from their own beach. He’s rather ticklish and it’s actually funny to witness a grown man trying to stifle his giggles as he gets his feet scrubbed.

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia

I was too sick and too tired to comfort The Greek Mister when he found out that there’s no TV in our room and wifi can only be accessed at the resort lobby. I went straight to bed and slept until our booked spa appointment. He on the other hand, went to the beach which is the only area where he’s allowed to smoke. The resort is smoke-free, tv-free with limited wifi access – he wasn’t forewarned so I wasn’t sure if he’ll be fine by the time I’ll wake up or if he would’ve lost his mind by then. To my surprise, he was alive and well by the time I woke up from my slumber.

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia

We had a Balinese massage at 6:30pm, Spa Village Resort provides one spa treatment per night per couple during your stay and they do give you their suggested timings as to when to take it. They’re quite flexible as well for as long as the time that you have in mind is available. During the peak season when the resort’s running full, it’s best to make your spa reservations as early as possible because it’s on a first come, first serve basis. The treatment was relaxing and the masseuse were professionals. It was what I needed that day when I was still not feeling very well.

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia

We had dinner at the only restaurant of the resort – I love that it’s a la carte and not a buffet. If there’s one thing that I would scream high praises about this resort apart from the spa treatments, it’s their food. The dishes served to us were of healthy portions and prepared perfectly! You can tell that the food was served to nourish you and prepared for you to enjoy and satiate your hunger, not bloat you up. I was still quite sick the first night though so I couldn’t eat much. I went back to bed earlier than usual and to my surprise, The Greek Mister also fell asleep at the same time as I did.

We both woke up early the next day and were first for breakfast. It was then that I noticed how beautiful the resort actually was, well-manicured but not too in-your-face. It has a very down-to-earth feel to it but at the same time exudes a hint of luxury. The pool area’s beautiful which I thought was too small for the resort but I was told by the staff who showed me around that they do try to keep the pool area as peaceful as they can to keep the resort’s tranquil atmosphere. They do this by perfectly scheduling the massage during the day so that a good number of guests will be enjoying their spa treatments while the rest basks in the sun by the pool.

The rest of the day was spent by the pool, without wifi you’re then forced to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and actually talk to each other – it was wonderful. I realized then that an internet detox time and again does make a difference.

I went for a massage that afternoon and because The Greek Mister didn’t want to have another massage, the spa manager kindly offered to give me two treatments that day. I had a head, shoulder and back massage followed by a facial treatment. Sleeping on our second night without TV was a bit of a struggle specially since I was already feeling better, so I cheekily downloaded an episode of a tv series on netflix while I was at the resort’s lobby and watched it on my phone before going to bed. 🙂

The next day, I woke up earlier than usual and couldn’t go back to sleep anymore so I went out of the room and went by the pool to witness one of the most magnificent sunrises I’ve ever seen. One of the staff saw me taking a view of the beautiful purple sky from the pool area so he told me that sunrise from the beach itself is much better. He kindly prepared a beach towel and a pillow for me to make my video recording much more comfortable, it’s little things like this that makes your stay a memorable experience doesn’t it?

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia -

Leaving the resort that day was bittersweet, while I truly enjoyed my stay at Spa Village Tembok Bali – I wasn’t sure if I’d survive another night without TV. Surprisingly though, I actually liked my stay better here than the previous hotel that I was at (but the food poisoning from the previous hotel might’ve affected that opinion). The personal service I received from this luxury boutique property definitely made such a huge impact in my stay. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

Spa Village Tembok Bali, Indonesia

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