Some people just like being rude, apparently.

Earlier at work, I was dealing with a man buying a Cairo to Dubai ticket for his brother. From the very moment that he walked into our office, he’s been showing off his arrogance to me and to my colleagues. I’m used to dealing with people like him so I let him be, not minding anything he says or any of the complaints he’s been raising for little and mindless things like why does he need to go to the cashier himself to pay for the ticket (we are not allowed to take cash from our counter for security purposes). So while finishing the transaction, I asked for the visa copy of the passenger so I can send it to the airline to update the details on their system. He said he will do it himself and I’ve advised him that he has to do it 48 hours before the flight arrival to avoid any inconveniences to the passenger at the airport. Mid-sentence, he blurted out: BLA BLA BLA BLA! I was taken aback, plainly because I can’t imagine a grown man talking to me like he’s a 2-year old kid and just being a pain in the ass. So I calmly asked him:

ME: Wow! Why are you so rude?
PAX: Because I like being rude.
ME: And you find happiness when you’re rude?
PAX: Yes, I feel happy when I’m rude. I like making people feel nervous.
ME: Well, you’re not making me nervous. Not a bit.
PAX: You will be, soon.
ME: Don’t hold your breathe for it.

And then he walked away. Without a thank you nor a goodbye. The point of this entry is, these are the kinds of people I had to deal with every single day of my life as a travel agent here in the Middle East. He confessed it himself, he likes being rude and finds joy when people get threatened by him. Is this the kind of people our generation has come up with now? Was that how he was raised? Was there some factors in his childhood which triggered for him to be like he is now? I was told by my mother that I should be kind to everyone I meet because everybody’s fighting a battle of some sort. Maybe his family has been affected by all the riots that’s going on right now in Cairo but that doesn’t give him an excuse to belittle people.

Anyway, I think he picked the right outlet to buy his ticket from because none of the staff in our office gets intimidated easily. I just hope that his voice was too loud when he said BLA BLA BLA that he didn’t understand what I was trying to say regarding his brother’s visa and the passenger will not be boarded on the flight. He can come back to our office for all I care. Everything is documented. Even the BLA BLA BLA BLA part. 🙂


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  • shie April 16, 2012 at 20:11

    i couldnt agree more, no excuses for bad attitudes unless its your hormones screwing up and you ran out of meds.

  • JD April 16, 2012 at 20:02

    What an ass!

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