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August 13, 2010

i have been living in a flat shared with a really good family who happens to be my landlord too for more than a year now. the wife is a filipina and the husband is indian… deciding to live here wasn’t easy for me since the house rent was 4x the amount that i used to pay at the bedspace where i used to live the first time i came here to Dubai. but i’ve decided that i can no longer live with 5 other people in one room and share one bathroom with all of them together with the people in the other room (it was a 2 bedroom flat). yes, that’s how fancy i used to live here in Dubai and has been like that for over 2 years. anyway, i may be paying 4 times more expensive than the previous house rent but the comfort of living with few people is 4 times better as well. living with really nice people is just an added icing to the already yummy cake.

and to make it all better, they treat me as a family. i’ll take what happened today as an example. my laptop suddenly stopped charging, i don’t know if it’s the laptop or the charger which has a problem so to find out, i asked Candy (the wife) if i can try some of their laptop’s chargers on mine. she asked me why and told her the story. the husband then offered to take my laptop to the computer shop to have it fixed and told me that i can pay for it together with the next month’s rent. then they gave me a spare laptop that i can use for the meantime.

now, i would bet my whole inheritance (if i have any) that you can’t find a landlord as nice as the ones i have.

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  • Reply Jam Roxas August 14, 2010 at 07:45

    Can’t ask for anything more. Everyday I hear tons of complaints re. accomodations, flats, landlords. Your one blessed human being Ü

    • Reply galatea234 August 17, 2010 at 16:48

      yes Jam! my landlord is one of a kind. very rare ang mga landlords na kasing bait nya. :p

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