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September 26, 2008

So am back in the techie world. The first day I had the time to get myself online since I went for vacation. But before anything else, can I just ramble about someone??? and tell her that “you will never be like me!”. you can imitate all you want – the blogs, your “about me” section, etc etc etc. why am so pissed???? well, apparently… this girl copies everything about me “verbatim”, (punyemas naman eh). insecurity eh? so to whom this may concern – you will never be like me. NEVER. i have too much poise compared to the cheap ass that you are. your friends despise you and are just clinging to you out of fear of what your motor-mouth will do to them.  take a raincheck, you don’t have friends. and have i already said that you can never be like me??? so deal with it!

ANYWAY, precious time to be wasted to people like her. So am on my vacation. and the surprise was a good plan. I told my family that upon checking-in, i’ve had some problems with my passport and may not be able to board the plane when in fact, am already waiting at the boarding gate for our final boarding announcement. they were hysterical when they saw me at the gate, all drenched from the rain. SURPRISE!!!!! The dogs were all happy as well to see me. Boomer, the unusually hyper-active labrador almost brought me down with him, he’s overweight and too big for a one year old.

Next day was spent shopping. So good to shop! shop! shop! Went to Alabang and shopped for my niece and nephew since I wasn’t able to buy something for them as presents. My cousin who was very thankful that i bought him a PSP slim instead of the ipod nano that he originally requested eagerly went with us for free lunch. Haha! That same night, I met up with my highschool friends. I never realized that I missed them that much. Nothing beats the good times we always have whenever we’re altogether. Singing, drinking, photo sessions at the hacienda espinosa were surely missed. It was the first time we all got drunk. The first time they had to spend the night at our house sleeping at our living room. It was one of the best get-togethers i’ve had with them to date.

Afternoon after, with headache and all – went to Alabang once again to shop and meet my college friends. The ever so lovely Beck and the hottest mama – Ola. Ola was one hour late, (Filipino time nonetheless). Just like my highschool friends, they both asked me the same question “what happened to you in dubai????” Apparently, everybody here in the Philippines gets all shocked whenever they see my photos at friendster.com,  sexier, bolder, more confident which contradicts the prim and proper goody girl that I was when I was still here in the Philippines. Oh well, there’s more to me than meets the eye. Hahaha. That night was spent with my cousin – Joy, who wants to go to Dubai as well. Hehehe. Oh dear! I missed them all.

Day after, had to go to the doctor to have my tonsils checked out, which is the main reason why I came home. Doctor peeked thru my mouth and immediately told me that yes, I need the surgery as my throat is still enlarged. So the operation was set for the next day. And I was horrified. There’s no turning back.

Next day, went to the hospital. Surgery was set at 6pm, I was waiting for the doctor inside the operating room for 15minutes while the nurses prep up for the operation. What the hell were they thinking????? At least be curt enough to not let me see the apparatus that they’re all going to use for my operation. I breathed in and out to somehow calm me down. Then the doctor bursted – all happy and dandy. How are you feeling? was the first thing he asked. I didn’t dare answer the question and just looked away. The doctor sensing or probably hearing my heart beating told me that it’s normal to be nervous, but everything will be ok. The anesthesiologist finally injected me the anesthesia and just for the kick of it, i decided to stay awake as long as i can after it has been injected on me. But 5 seconds after the injection, I no longer remember anything. Next thing I knew I was at the recovery room and wondering if am supposed to be awake at that time already. My throat hurts like a son of a bitch. I wanted to scream “give me the f*cking pain reliever!!!!” but i can’t, as breathing alone can make my tears drip down nonstop. I had oxygen over my mouth and the nurse upon hearing me rattling the steel railing of the bed told me to relax and breathe deeply. In and out, in and out. They can’t inject me the pain reliever just yet as they still have to do a skin test to make sure that i don’t have any allergic-reactions to it when in fact, i have already stated several times before the operation that i am not allergic to any medications. i have very low tolerance in pain, so that night and the following nights were the most dreaded of all. i can only eat icecream which may be good news for some but such a bad news for someone who doesn’t really like icecreams. how in the world do they expect me to eat icecream in the morning when my stomach is all empty. got out of the hospital after 2 days and as expected i lost weight again. crap!!!!!!

as of this very moment, the pain in my throat is already subsiding. yay!!!! i can already whisper which is better than not being able to make a sound at all. so anyway, till here and will get back to you all whenever i can squeeze blogging thru my very busy schedule. :p

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