Beautiful Cotswold Villages: Snowshill

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England
Snowshill is a charming Cotswold village located in Gloucestershire and is famously known in pop culture as the location for the winter scenes of Bridget Jones’ Diaries.

During our Cotswold holiday, the husband and I both preferred the small villages I later realized. I just think that the charm of a small village is far more evident than the larger ones and it’s almost always away from the tourist radar.

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

We were the only tourists around when we visited Snowshill that most people who were out and about were looking at us when our car entered the village. Lol. I actually feel sorry for the Cotswold villagers, can you imagine how annoyed they must be of all the tourists that invade their villages and take photos of their cute homes?

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

Snowshill is named as such because when the region gets a snowfall, Snowshill gets it first due to its location – sitting on top of an escarpment with a view of the countryside surrounding it. It’s a charming secluded village with ancient pretty cottages around the 19th century church.

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

The scenery around the church was where Bridget Jones Diary was filmed, it is so pretty that it looks like a carboard cutout. If someone’s planning to have a wedding here during winter time when there’s snowfall, can I please be invited? 

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

There’s a pub right beside the church but as we’ve just had our brunch at The Mount Inn in Stanton, we were both not up for a pub stop.

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

The Snowshill Manor and Garden is one of the village’s most popular tourist sites. I wish I had booked our tickets in advance so we could have explored its gardens.

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

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Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

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  • Tanja October 19, 2020 at 12:34

    Looks so pretty!! So they filmed Bridget in July with the fake snow? Funny.

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