Greece | Starting Our Skiathos Holiday in Koukounaries Beach.

Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos, Greece

As I stepped out of the car and walked towards Skiathos town, I felt so energized! For the past days during this holiday of ours, we’ve been visiting very laidback, not-so-touristy places around Greece which is actually what The Greek Mister and myself prefer these days (it comes with the age I guess). Or so I thought. Skiathos blew me away with its lively atmosphere and happy crowd. It brings you back your youth which you thought you’ve lost a long time ago. Skiathos is definitely a welcome change to this otherwise very relaxing holiday – I’m now ready for some action. We didn’t waste any more time and headed directly to Koukounaries beach as soon as we’ve dropped off our bags at our hotel in Skiathos town. The drive towards Koukounaries beach was thoroughly enjoyed by myself – wide roads, grand hotels, the greenery, upscale restaurants and bars – all these were almost non-existent to the other Greek islands that we were before Skiathos (except of course for the greenery surrounding us). It’s very modern but not pretentious at all. It was already past 6pm when we arrived in Koukounaries beach and yet, the open parking space was still packed. As we got out of the car, a public bus stopped at the parking lot and a load of tourists got off it and went straight to the beach. It’s going to be packed! I told the Greek Mister and I was not mistaken. Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos, Greece Koukounaries is a one-mile long beautiful golden sand beach surrounded by a verdant, government-protected pine forest. Sunbeds, bars, restaurants and water sports are abundant which makes it as the most popular beach in Skiathos. The golden sand is so fine that it feels like powder beneath your feet while the beautiful crystal-clear blue water of the sea is a real pleasure to swim in. Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos, Greece We walked up to the end of the beach in the hopes of being able to find a place which isn’t so crowded but it proves to be an impossible feat in Koukounaries beach. Families, teenagers, couples – this beach has everything for all of them. So we gave up and settled on a shaded part of this long stretch of beach and camped our bags and beach towels there. The place only calmed down at around half past 8 in the evening and it was only then that we were able to enjoy its unobstructed beauty. Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos, Greece I have to admit that it’s not my favorite beach in Skiathos (it was really very crowded for me) but it is a place that one should visit if ever you find yourself in this island. Koukounaries beach will give you an overview of what Skiathos is all about – beautiful scenery and a lively atmosphere which will bring out the youth in you.


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  • Pinay Flying High September 27, 2015 at 12:50

    My thoughts exactly! There are so many other islands and places in Greece I would love to visit. đŸ™‚

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