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November 7, 2010

i’ve created this blog 4 years ago with the intention of having it as my online journal (personal to be specific) to which i can just go back and browse around anytime i wish to. never in my whole life have i expected that it will now have more than 40,000 (give or take) visits within 4 years and still counting. i know, i know it’s not that much but for someone who’s really not expecting that people will read all the nonsense i’m writing on here – well, 40,000 hits is too much for me.

i’m very happy to say though that people are now going to my site by putting “peek into the realms of my twisted mind” on the search engine. yippeee!!!! it’s no longer some random phrases or words and they just happen to stumble upon my blog. people KNOW about this blog already that they actually search for its title now. (it’s like hearing “facebook me” from people for mark zuckerberg) ok, i’m not going to deny the fact that the words “lechon” and “kwek kwek” are the two highest ranked search engine terms that people use and stumble upon my blog. haha!

anyway, how does www.pinayflyinghigh.com sounds like? would it be all worth my penny?

on a totally different note, i came across someone earlier. someone i used to (ahem!) date and it’s funny because when we saw each other earlier, there was no grudge whatsoever held against each other. it’s like seeing a friend i haven’t seen for the longest time. my heart skipped a bit and i squeeled in delight as i heard him yell ANNOY ME!!!! to me. (he can’t pronounce my name as NOYYYYMI and usually pronounce it as NAYOMI so i just told him to call me ANNOY ME instead so he’ll get used to it, unfortunately the A in the beginning of my name was never dropped). we exchanged BB pins as he was on a rush to meet someone and sent me a quick message saying: it’s very nice to see you again, you look prettier and happier than ever.

that’s just the whole point of mentioning the little reunion earlier – that someone said i’m prettier and happier than ever. haha! yeah, i’m vain like that. seriously though, it’s just so funny that there was no hate nor anger nor bitterness against each other when i saw him earlier. in fact, i totally forgot why we suddenly lost in touch…. (on top of my mind, he might have started dating another girl and completely and totally forgotten about me… hehehe) but anyway, it’s still good to see you T. 🙂

right, off to sleep.

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