Sinulog 2007

Availing the Php99 fare of Cebu Pacific, the Kingswood Condominium Scandal Stars (Lea, John, Raven, Looney and moi) went to Cebu headed by no other than yours truly to witness the Sinulog Festival. The festival is held every 3rd week of January in honor of the Sto. Nino de Cebu.

Day 1, January 21: Arrived at Mactan airport at around 10am. Headed right away to our pension house; Villa Inez located in Andres Abellana St. Guadalupe, Cebu City. Room rates range from Php500-700. Spacious rooms, clean bathrooms and that homey feel of wood floorings and walls. Common living area just outside the room with cable channeled TV where we spent the 2 hours waiting for our rooms to be cleaned, since the guests prior to us just left. Ate Baby the caretaker, (pronounced as Bibi in Cebu :p) was being entertained by our crazy stunts and poses for the sake of a good photography. By the way, we had our lunch at Double A which was 5 min-walk away from our pension house. Neat!!! My friends gawked as the waiter handed us the bill. Our meal for 3 only costs Php267 (2 orders of liempo, 3 orders of pork bbq, 2 orders of chorrizo, 1 order of sinigang and 5 orders of rice). This is what I love about this place, everything is really really cheap. Specially the food.

Anyways, after the meal we headed back to the pension house to have our siesta. Went out to the street at around 4pm ready to take that Sinulog adventure. From our place to Fuente Circle, where the main event for Sinulog was being held, is a good 20-min walk. Well, ok 40min for us since we had a lot of stopovers. Stopover for Kikiam, for isaw, for a mango shake etc. etc. Food tripping while walking. Well, we’re all taking it really easy. Breathe and live Cebu. We’ve got a lot of time in our hands so no need to rush or we’ll miss half the fun of getting there. Lots of vendors and all sorts of gimiks at Fuente Circle. From tiangge to henna tattoos, from freaky and colorful hair colors to corn rows, from kikiam vendors to bling bling vendors. You name it, it’s right here in Fuente.

Watched the parade in front of Robinson’s Mall, disappointed since we could not join the dancing and take our photos with the dancers dressed in colorful costumes and body paints. We’d like to borrow one of those Sto. Nino image in their hands and wave them up as we dance to the rumbling of the drums. But because of these darn steel railings to keep the spectators away from the performers and the gazillion Sinulog organizers inside these steel railings, we can only see the dancers’ upper body. Too bad. 🙁

Anyway, being the comic that we are, we danced still. Away from the performers but we had our own spectators, the locals of Cebu with a question in their eyes if all the people from Manila are as crazy as we are. Am still thinking right now if that wonder in their eyes as they watched us dance was because of their amazement in our dancing ability or disgust for making a fool out of ourselves? We had fun and so did they.

As our legs ached we went to the famed Larshan, famous for its tasty barbecues and fed our rumbling stomachs. The satisfaction of our intestines costs only Php327 here in Larshan. We headed back to the pension house after I got my henna tattoo. :p Prepped ourselves up for an all-out party, Cebu style. Mango square was our destination for the evening, a big mistake.There’s a traffic jam of people on all streets and am not exaggerating this time. Worst of all, I was wearing a 3-inch, stilletos with pencil-thin heels. Talk about sore toes and aching leg muscles. But still, we were able to groove it and shake our booties inside The Beat at Mango Square, entrance fee is Php100. We found a table right away in this busy and crowded bar, lucky is our middle name I guess. 🙂 At 3am, after 4 bottles of warm red horse and a lot of booty shaking we called it a night. I must say, walking is a lot harder when you’ve got beer floating inside your head and stilletos on your feet. Ouch!

Day 2: Started the day at 12nn to have our lunch at Double A. I don’t feel really really good, hangover that is. Drank lots of water, mango juice and sprite. Anything just to ease this pain in my head. Anyway, at 3pm we went to see the Magellan’s cross by taking a jeep with a Colon signage. Yey! I have always wanted to ride one of these Cebu jeepneys and say “lugar lang” which means “para” in Cebu. A dream come true for this trip. Afterwards, took another jeep headed to Cebu housing to stop by at Marco Polo where my official Cebuano tour guide is at, Lorenz. The hotel was lovely and grand, nice view of the Cebu city. Picture picture as always. We stopped by at Tops, Cebu’s highest peak. Entrance fee is Php100 and had our dinner at New Larshan. Yummy! For tonight, our gimik will be an all night belching out. Mango square was again our destination but this time it’s gonna be a videoke night. Php100 per hour. At around 1am, we capped the night off. Since the beer from the previous night still lingers inside my head, I need to rest.

Day 3: Started the day at 12nn, went to CNT at Guadalupe branch to have our lunch. The best and tastiest lechon I have ever eaten in my life. Cheap as always. Yummy! After lunch, we roamed around the streets of Cebu. Visited the Gaisano Mall, Colon street (oldest street in the Philippines), etc. etc. Met up with the Travelex Cebu’s beauties namely Fairy and Shane. “The Chismosas” as I have tagged them. 🙂 Ate at Don Henrico’s, dinner buffet. I have to say eating all those carbon-enriched ihaw ihaw at Larshan and Double A for the past few days made me want to throw up whenever I see meat. So for a change, we ate pasta, pizza and chicken for the night. Thanks to these two since they paid for dinner. Hihihi! My sincerest gratitude to both of you. After our dinner we cruised around the city, IT park, BTC etc. etc. At 930pm we we’re on our way to Mactan Airport to catch our 2250 flight back to Manila. All in all, this was a really fun experience. Pit Senyor!!!


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