Singapore/Malaysia Tour

Dec. 01, ’06: Amidst the storm and the thick cloud hovering over the city, we we’re cramped inside our crosswind on the way to the airport to catch the 0830 flight to Singapore of Philippine Airlines. It was 3am at the time, and as many of you know I am not an early riser. Definitely not a morning person. Hungry and grouchy as we made our way thru the strong winds at the South Luzon Expressway. As we arrived at the centennial airport, flights were all operational. No flights have been cancelled so far inspite of the storm Seniang’s fury. Proceeded to the check-in counters, the long queue at the immigration area, security check and alas!!!! the boarding gate. Oblivious of the world around me, I forced myself to fall asleep. To make the long wait short, the supposedly 0830 flight to Singapore became 12nn. DARN!!!!

The flight was the longest and scariest roller coaster ride I have ever been into. I’m not afraid of heights, no!!!! But I hate that feeling of something pulling your guts out with all it’s might. Making you want to throw up. That I hate! The word “vomit”. Luckily, I didn’t. Arrived at Chiang Mai Airport at around 4pm, checked in at our very cheap hotel “Fragrance Hotel – Ruby” which by the way was located at the red district of Singapore. With our SGD’s in our pockets and camera in my hand, we scurried and explored the sights and sounds of Singapore.

First stop, Lucky Plaza. The meeting place of all pinoys. Ate our dinner, duck noodle for me. Cost SGD3.50. After that hearty meal, we walked around the famous Orchard Rd. Lined with malls and skyscrapers. One thing I noticed about Singapore, they have a lot of trees. You will never see a tree along our Ayala Ave. right? But here in Singapore, trees are sandwiched in between tall buildings and infrastructures. They have lined the whole Orchard Rd. with Christmas lights which was fascinating to the eyes. Singapore is truly the melting pot of Asia. Seems to me, every nation has its representative in this small country’s tourism industry. Booming tourism industry that is.

Day 02: This is for our Singapore City Tour, we had our breakfast at the nearby carinderia – Victoria Food Court. Just the same, I ate duck noodle. I love pecking duck! 🙂 We visited the Merlion Park, of course pictures are necessary, NAtional ORchid Garden, good for all the dramas for picture-taking. 🙂 The science museum, which ironically I enjoyed. We had our lunch at Newton foodcourt then headed to the famed island of Sentosa. Loved the cable car ride. The only mesmerizing thing I saw here in Sentosa was the musical fountain show. You must watch it or your trip won’t be that great. Nothing really much to see here in Singapore. Hongkong is much better. I didn’t like it here. The culture is so diversed! History is not that rich. I asked our tour guide, who is the locals of Singapore? Since Singapore was once a part of Malaysia. The tour guide replied, nobody.

Anyway, after our Singapore city tour we then headed to the train station to catch the train going to Malaysia. The station is really really old, contrary to the modern city of Singapore. The tour guide kept reminding us that the train station is owned by the Malaysian government. To save face I think. 🙂 I won’t recommend a train ride going to Malaysia, the 10-hr trip was really tiring. Not to mention the immigration inspection process was a bit, not organized? You have to get off the train to have your passport stamped by the immigration just as you were dozing off to sleep. The bathroom was dirty, yaiks! I really don’t recommend a train trip from Singapore to Malaysia.

Day 03: Arrived at Kuala Lumpur Train Station at around 8am. Suzy our tour guide for this trip was already there. Had our breakfast at the train station, freshened up as well. Then proceeded right away to the Genting Highlands. Another cable car ride!!! Woo hoo! It’s more like an enchanted kingdom, only bigger. Crazier rides, not for the faint of hearts. The line just takes sooooo long! Nevertheless, I had fun. The air is very cold, piercing your skin. Not a very good time to wear shorts. After our Genting Highlands tour, proceeded to Grand Continental Hotel for check-in. Afterwards, we headed to a nearby mall taking their MRT. Shopped for souvenirs. Had our dinner and headed back to the hotel. We have a long day tomorrow, besides we didn’t get enough sleep during our train ride the night before. Soaked myself in a hot, long bath.

Day 04: Malaysia half-day city tour. Had our buffet breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Then proceeded right away to the city tour. Visited of course the Petronas Tower which left me in awe, Batik Factory, Chocolate Factory (they make really really good chocolates. If only I have known that they taste so good I shouldn’t have given some of the boxes away. :p), some museum and lastly the Chinatown. Shopping shopping! Scored some good finds. But you really have to haggle. From 200 ringgit it can go down for as low as 75 ringgit. After that very tiring activity, headed to the train station to catch the train going back to Singapore. I liked Malaysia much better. Goodbye Malaysia! Goodbye Suzy, my new-found Malaysian friend. 🙂

Day 05: Arrived Singapore at 8am. A day to shop and roam around the city on our own. We visited Suntec city and passed by the largest fountain in the world. Sucks big time ‘coz I wasn’t able to have my picture taken in it. Anyway, Suntec City is a convetion hall/mall/office building in one. Had our dinner in Tony Roma’s, the best ribs in town. YUMMY!!!!! Anyways, for the most part of this day I stayed inside the hotel packing my things for tomorrow’s flight back home. I didn’t want to roam around the city anymore since I was soooo disappointed about Singapore. I don’t know why but it’s just so disappointing. If not for a visit to Malaysia, this trip would’ve been just a little blob in my memory. 🙂

Day 06: Manila, MAnila. I keep coming back to Manila. 🙂


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