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Sicilia at Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel

June 22, 2011

I’ve always discarded the thought of going all the way to Ibn Battuta for anything plainly because it’s just so damn far from everything. But boy was I glad for going all the way there to try out this spectacular Italian restaurant that they have. Well ok, it was the 50% staff discount which lured us into it but it just paid off the cab fare for going all the way there. :p

The decor reminded me of the Godfather for some reasons. It was almost packed when we arrived which is a good sign I suppose. The waitress wanted to seat us on a high chair and table but I asked her if we could have a normal one. 🙂 She then agreed but warned us that since they are running full for the night, they might ask us to move to another table if the customers with reservations arrive – which we told her is totally acceptable.

For starters we ordered bruschette with chicken liver and prosciutto. The bruschette I believe was made by angels from a paradise called: the land of all things edible, it was THAT amazing! I’m probably exaggerating but the boyfriend and I had to slice the last piece in half which we don’t normally do. Hahaha! It was so good that just with that appetizer alone, I knew that everything else will be perfect.

Mama mia ooooh la la!

The boyfriend loved every bits of his prosciutto while I ate just two pieces of it as I’m not a huge fan anyway.

For the main course, I ordered linguine al frutti di mare which had generous servings of clams, mussels, crab sticks, shrimp, fish and squid with homemade pasta garnished with red, tasty, tomato sauce. It was so good I think I forgot my name for a split second there.

al frutti di maRRRRRRe

The boyfriend ordered papardelle pasta in rich tomato sauce with bits and pieces of pork in it. I forgot how they call it, sorry.

Looks yum!

The boyfriend kept pestering me that we should order a bottle of white wine but since I’m not really a “wine” person, I’ve put my foot down and ordered a heineken for myself while he sipped his white wine. Haha!

Would I ever go back to Sicila? Not going back there would probably be the dumbest decision I would ever make. So yes, they’ll see me there once again.

Our total bill:

1 prosciutto AED76
1 bruschette AED60
1 pappardelle pasta AED78
1 linguine frutti di mare AED92
3 large heineken AED105
3 glasses of verdicchio wine AED135

Total bill for 2: AED546.00
Total bill for 2 after the staff discount: AED273.00

Yee haw!

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