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May 6, 2010

i got this from a handful of short stories that i encountered while clearing my inbox. i wrote it 2 years ago and have no idea why i did. it’s too cheesy.. :-p
So she was sitting across the table from him, playing with her food and trying to create a masterpiece from a puzzle of leftovers on her plate. She looks up and saw jealous stares from 2 girls on the other table, yes they all think they are a perfect couple. A match made in heaven was the right description from her friends. A relationship which only lacks the sanctity of marriage for it to be perfect.

She looks at him, still talking. Ahhh, that funny actor on the play that they have just seen was the topic. She nods her head just to assure him that she’s still listening although her mind is elsewhere. Nothing is wrong with him, she thinks. He dresses fine, his rugged looks makes girls stare at her with envy, he’s smart, funny, succesful and everything dandy. But why can’t she take her mind off the other guy?

A question she really can’t answer right now. A question which still clouded her mind as they walked arm in arm towards the car. In the car, she looks out the window and imagined the other man with her at that moment. A smile was painted across her face as they sped off thru the darkness of the night.

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