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Second published photo

January 30, 2010

see the published photo here. it was taken at Chi last Thursday and as you might notice, they spelled my pseudo-last name wrong – La Viajerg instead of La Viajera. Boo Hoo! Anyhow, i look thin on this photo though. YAY!

the first published photo was taken at the same venue – Chi but on a different site – mumtazz.com yet as i search for it, nothing is coming out of the link anymore. i think the photo has been removed already as it was taken Feb of last year. anyhow, it was this photo (of course i grabbed it :p)

Ketty - Deny - Noemi - Mona

it’s not a “come-kiss-me-look” that my eyes are sporting on the photo, it’s my i-am-too-drunk-i-will-definitely-forget-about-this-photo-tomorrow look.

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