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January 20, 2011

there are a lot of weird terms people use and the interwebs, for whatever magical reason give them my blogsite as the best site to give them the most useful information. i’ve no idea what’s the deal about “fez fujeira prostitutes” to my blogsite? i’ve never blogged about fez nor do i even know that it’s flanked with prostitutes (now i’m thinking, has the boyfriend ever mentioned that he’s going to fez for some drinks while he was still in fujeira??? hmmmm :p)

someone also used “asian lady amateur skirt” as a search engine term and ended up in my blog. right i’m an asian and a lady but what the hell is an amateur skirt???? weirdos!

while i still get a lot of “quality” search engine terms people use (they mostly put in a hotel’s name and end up with one of my hotel reviews, i should get compensated for that… me thinks) and end up in my blog, some just really gives me a big LOL. i’ll just give light to some of those as i feel that they were very disappointed at google for giving such lame results.

here’s the top 20 that i have.

1. what does ihh mean in filipino?
– ok dear, i’m a filipino but “ihh” is not even word nor an expression. the person who said that may probably be inside a toilet doing a number 2 and that was the sound he/she made while speaking to you, to which i would say is gross. why would you speak to someone while you’re doing number 2?

2. dubai curtain
– if you’re asking where to buy for a curtain, it’s in the mall you dum dum! but anyway, try visiting www.ikeadubai.com it’s cheap and all looks nice. i got my curtain at al maya supermarket though inside lamcy plaza. :p

3. midnight snacks for filipinos
– rice LOL

4. bikini in dubai
– yes you can wear bikinis in dubai but if i were you never ever do that in a public beach if you don’t want about a thousand pair of eyes looking at you. you can however go to any pool/beach parties in your bikini. the best one is always at nasimi beach.

5. blog flight attendant emirates
– i’m not a flight attendant, so you better click on that “back” button and choose another link.

6. difc smoking
– you can’t smoke inside difc, you need to go out of the building.

7. filipino maids just leave
– yes they will just leave if: 1. you’re maltreating them; 2. they found a better employer or 3. they found someone to marry… :p

8. do filipinos clean well
– clean what? a house? a car? a building? can you be more specific? but i don’t clean a house very well yet again, i’m just 1 person among all the billions of filipinos around the world so don’t take 1 girl’s lack of cleaning skills.

9. salary of emirates cabin crew
– again, i’m not a cabin crew. but at the top of my head it can be around 50 to 100 thousand dirhams per month. so go ahead and send your CV at www.emiratesgroupcareers.com and demand for that salary!!!

10. backyard garden

sorry, it’s probably not as grand as you want but you asked for it.

11. kamusta ka na jan in english
– how are you there?

12. what should travel agents bear in mind in relation to tourists?
– just like in any place of the world, they’re all demanding. but the market in dubai is quite extensive so you need to be able to adapt quickly to each and every nationality. the way to speak to an indian should be different to how you speak to a canadian and different as well to british and so on and so forth. it’s not being racist or anything but some words which are ok to say to a filipino might be taken in a whole different context by an indian. you know the works.

13. emirates cabin crew sluts
– again, i’m not a cabin crew and also not a slut. please click the back button and choose a different link. 🙂

14. dubai’s beach
– sucks! it’s a desert underneath it.

15. why rta failed many times for driving license road test?
– because that’s how they roll

16. magkano ba kinikita sa dubai?
– depende sa trabaho mo teh, nu vah!!!!

17. i want to be model thing
– good for you!

18. where to buy pork in dubai?
– al maya supermarket, debelchoir, manila supermarket, philippine supermarket, spinney’s

19. are all emirates cabin crew sluts?
– not the ones that i know of and how dare you generalize all of them as such. it’s like me saying all those people searching to know if cabin crews are sluts are all pathetic perverted losers. which by the way you are.

20. list of entertainer vouchers in dubai
– oh dear God! it’s hundreds!!!! the best bet is for you to go to the nearest bookstore and see the entertainer book samples.

that’s just some of the few terms used. some are too dirty to post. hehe. the world is full of perverted freaks is the understatement of the year.

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