Saying Thanks With A Bottle Of Whiskey

The Greek Mister celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago and I’ve always struggled on deciding what to give him for special occasions. He’s the simplest guy in the whole wide world – not into gadgets, not into clothes nor watches and definitely not into cars (not that I’d give him a car for his birthday, what is he? The King of England?) If there’s one thing he’s really very much into is his whiskey, he’d drink a glass or two every night always reminding me that he’s not an alcoholic – just a social drinker. Every night is social drinking for him.

So I went to our neighborhood wine store, an independent wine merchant selling only premium wines and spirits. Clearly, I can’t go to ASDA for a gift, it needs to be something fancier than that but there’s another reason why I went to that specific liquor store that day – to say thanks to the owner for somehow saving The Greek Mister from getting stabbed one night.

A few months ago, I came home to a police officer in our living room and my initial reaction was “OMG!!! Am I on TV?” We’ve watched several reality police TV shows since we’ve moved here in London that just by seeing an officer makes me look around and look for a TV crew. The officer was taking my husband’s statement for something that happened earlier on. I was confused as one might be, I had no idea if The Greek Mister was a witness, a victim or god forbid, the suspect.

So apparently as The Greek Mister was walking home from the train station at 7 in the evening, a man in his late 30’s confronted him and asked him to give his money back. The man was either high or drunk or maybe even both. He accused the Greek Mister of taking his money in the supermarket that they both were in a few minutes earlier and he’s demanding for my husband to give it back to him. Of course my husband didn’t take his money but the man won’t believe him and threatened my husband with a knife.

My husband, all 6 foot of him was screaming at this guy to leave him alone, trying to attract other passersby’s attention. He noticed two ladies walking towards them and made a beeline towards the liquor shop to seek shelter as they too got scared when they saw the man with a knife. My husband followed them, begged the liquor store owner to let him in. The owner opened the door for him and locked it with the man still waiting outside.

My husband called the police and the man most probably realized what was going on left. As soon as he left, police car came – in less than 2 minutes. While the police was interviewing my husband about happened trying to get as much details from him about the man with a knife, the man was seen walking towards them making it easier for my husband to identify him. The man was immediately handcuffed before the police interviewed him separately. The officer asked for our home address and told my husband to go home and they’ll be in touch with him later on to get his statement.

The next day, my husband received a call from the police – they kept the guy locked up overnight but as it was his first offence, he was only fined and they had to let him go. Police said that he’s not a criminal, probably just drunk, confused and desperate. He’s probably not even going to use the knife for real, he just happened to have it with him as he works in construction and used it as a weapon out of desperation to get his missing money back. They found the money which the man was accusing my husband of stealing from him inside one of the pockets of his jacket but the police officers wanted to know if my husband wants to press charges against him. The Greek Mister decided not to go ahead with it. I hope that he made the right choice and the man was just really desperate at the time and deserves a second chance.

Anyway, so back to the whiskey – I specifically bought it from the liquor store who let my husband in during that night. Even though there’s another bigger liquor store down the road with much more choices I suppose but it’s the thought that they’d open their doors to some distressed random stranger into their store even if that means that they too will be in harm. What if the man tried to enter the store as well? That’s probably what they were thinking at the time. Thankfully, nothing like that happened.

So I bought a £40 bottle of whiskey for my husband’s birthday and he LOVED it! He loved it so much that he’s actually trying to make it last longer than his normal whiskey. He’ll have just a few drops and he’ll savor the taste before swallowing it. Trust me, that is pure torture for him. Lol.

What was the whiskey brand? Teeling Irish Whiskey and you can get it from Wined Up Here if you’re ever in my neighborhood. 🙂


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Pinay Flying High

Pinay Flying High

Pinay Flying High is authored by Noemi, a Filipina residing in London with her Greek Mister. She writes about travel, food and life in between.


  • Reply Jamie Cordon March 8, 2018 at 06:05

    What a great story! That liquor store saved your husband and your husband is brave as well. Bottle of whisky well deserved!

  • Reply TrainswestCan2Espano February 8, 2018 at 07:11

    What was “it” . A Single Malt, Values ‘down-under” indicate it would be, although it is a long time since I bought a bottle of whisky in London.
    Whatever, sounds like it was good – “enjoyed”.

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