Say Cheese!!!! Belgian Cafe Doha’s Winter Cheese Menu

Belgian Cafe, Intercontinental Doha

As a kid, I was never a fan of cheese. My mom struggled to make me eat cheese and we would constantly start the day with me crying and my mom not letting me leave the table until I finish the cheese sandwich she prepared. Jolly times! (#AsianParents) Now, if only my Mom presented the cheese to me in fondue-style like what I had in Belgian Cafe a few days ago, then we probably wouldn’t have had those fights.

When I received an invitation for a cheese menu tasting from Belgian Cafe Doha, I immediately told them that I’m not a cheese expert. I don’t know anything about cheese so I may not be a good fit to this menu tasting. Unlike Ms. Morris of Life On The Wedge, I am unable to decipher what kind of cheese I’m eating after the first bite. However, they lured me with “we’re going to have tenderloin with grilled cheese”. It sounds so sinful and very unhealthy, I’m definitely in!

Belgian Cafe’s Winter Cheese menu will be available for the whole month of February but there’s a talk going around that it was so famous last year that they had to extend it until March which may happen this year too – that’s a secret though, you didn’t read it here. Six dishes were presented to us, while all were good – I fell in love with two.

The cheese fondue was just amazing! I can’t believe that in my entire 30-something existence, it’s only now that I got to try it. It was served with a platter of bread, apples, pears and pickles which you can dip in melted gruyere, edam and emmental cheese. Everyone on the table were oooohhhh-ing and ahhhhh-ing after each bite of these gooey, cheesy goodness.

Another favorite of mine from the menu is the hachis parmentier of duck confit which is this marvelous duck confit served in a baked potato with mash, baby spinach and apple compote overlaid with raclette and emmental cheese. Although I have never had this kind of dish before, it tasted like a comfort food – like what my grandmother would’ve made for me if we were French. The fatty taste of the duck meat gives this dish so much flavor that it makes you want to think that you’re probably eating your way to a heart attack but then, good news for you because duck fat’s actually considered a healthy fat.

Belgian Cafe, Intercontinental Doha

The gratinated beef tenderloin with blue cheese was our final course and by that time, I was already stuffed so I wasn’t able to finish my portion of it. It’s a shame I know specially now as I see how wonderfully it was made. I’ve got the whole month anyway to try it out.

Belgian Cafe, Intercontinental Doha

If you’re craving for some cheesy goodness during this cold weather that is upon us, a visit to Belgian Cafe would probably satisfy it. However, as mentioned earlier – I’m not really a huge cheese aficionado so you may probably want to wait for Life On The Wedge’s review of Belgian Cafe’s Cheese menu.

Belgian Cafe
Intercontinental Doha
Tel No. 4484 4444

I was invited to try the Winter Cheese Menu at Belgian Cafe during this visit however as always, photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and in no way influenced.


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  • Trainswestcan2espano March 22, 2016 at 13:53

    Much better than the cheese and onion sandwiches I had most days at school. Looks ymmu.

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