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July 11, 2008

i don’t know what is up with the world but i’ve been receiving hate mails from different people all for the same reason – that i am out to get the love of their lives. so this is just to lay down my cards – i am not born to grab the committed guys at every chance i get, it’s not on my to-do list and have never done that to anybody in the entire 24 years of my life.

there’s only one guy am interested to now and i don’t think he’s even interested on me. everything just falls into place when am with him. but of course, it would not be the same thing he feels towards me. to him, i am just a [insert word here which best describes what he feels towards me, as i myself have no idea haha] i don’t want to ask, as asking can just complicate what we have now and for the first time, i don’t want to complicate something in my life. haha! i am happy with what i know (or don’t know), i am happy with how he is towards me (or how he’s not), i am happy that he values me (genuine or not) and i don’t think am just getting scraps out of him (or at least that’s what i want to believe). anyway, i am happy. PERIOD


alex told me am too picky, that i always chase a ghost… that there are lots of men showing interest on me but i am just too close-minded and have exerted all my focus on this one guy i like. well, for the benefit of Mr. Alejandro “know-it-all” Rodriguez, here’s the list of the men who are “supposedly” interested on me:

1. Mr. Too Cool To Be True – sadly, he’s a Filipino. Working for a big company here in Dubai. What I can’t fathom is the mere fact that for an architect, he’s got a pea-sized brain. Ok, now you think am being judgmental but here is what he said that first time he asked me out for a date, you be the judge – “let’s have dinner anywhere you want. i can afford anything with the allowance am getting, i can even take you to Burj Al Arab everyday for dinner if  you want” – and i answered, “no thanks, am fine with my shawarma.” Absolute arrogance is not really what i want to be hearing for a couple of hours having dinner at the overly hyped-up hotel. This is what I hate about Dubai, people tend to be very superficial.

2.  Mr. Foreign Language – now how in the world will you be able to like someone when you can’t even understand what he’s trying to tell you 90% of the time? Yes he’s definitely an eye-candy but let’s not forget the fact that “communication” is the key to any relationship. So I say, let’s have a platonic one. :p

3. Mr. Earth-Friendly – it’s ok to conserve water but not to the extent that you’ll sacrifice your own shower time for that. It makes you stink – badly.

So…….. what are my choices???? Tell me Alex. DO I HAVE A FREAKIN’ CHOICE????

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