San Jose, We Should Have Given You A Chance

Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA
We spent the last night of our USA holiday in San Jose, thankful for my brother-in-law who convinced me to stay here instead of an airport hotel in San Francisco. We would have missed the beautiful Santana Row otherwise.

It was our last full day in the US, a part of me was thankful that we’re going back to London because to be quite honest, I was already getting tired. I used to be able to do this kind of jampacked holiday before, visiting multiple cities in one go but I think we need to slow down now. As much as it hurts me to admit this, we’re getting older and these kinds of holiday aren’t really what we’re after now. Lol.

We had lunch at a restaurant somewhere in Sacramento before going to an outlet mall (because shopping, that’s why) where I had to bid farewell to my cousins and nieces before heading back to San Jose to spend our last night. We were supposed to stay in an airport hotel in San Francisco but my brother-in-law convinced me to stay in San Jose instead and I was thankful that he did, otherwise we would have missed seeing San Jose.

Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA
Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA

Luckily, we found a hotel in San Jose at the last-minute which isn’t crazy expensive. I will later realize that it’s probably the least expensive place we’ve ever visited during this holiday. I now wish we based ourselves in San Jose rather than San Francisco – it would have been a lot cheaper and maybe even safer. :p And it’s not like we actually made the most of San Francisco because we didn’t really go anywhere at night farther than where our hotel was. Oh well, at least now we know in case we find ourselves back there.

Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA
Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA

My brother-in-law took us to Santana Row for dinner, Silicon Valley’s premiere destination for dining and shopping which reminded me a bit of Dubai. Parking was free!!!! It was the only place we’ve visited in California during this holiday where parking was free of charge so we had to do a little victory dance for it.

Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA
Santana Row, San Jose, California, USA

We’ve put our name on a waitlist in one of the restaurant/bars in the area and went for a walk around while we waited for our table. It was a Friday night so it was buzzing and packed. Outdoor tables filled with diners enjoying the marvelous weather that night, the kind of weather that I will definitely not have when we go back to London. I kind of wished we had our dinner in a restaurant with al fresco dining area but my brother-in-law’s choice was also good even if it was indoors.

It was a great dinner to cap off our amazing USA holiday. It’s been wonderful to see so many beautiful places, old and new but most specially – it was great to spend some time with family and friends even if it was just for a short while. The Greek Mister absolutely loved driving on the correct side of the road (lol) passing through incredible sceneries and I will definitely miss the great weather that we’ve had here because I’m pretty sure that by the time our plane lands in London the next day, we’ll all be bundled up again. Buh bye now USA, until next time!


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  • vinneve August 27, 2020 at 06:21

    It’s good that you had a nice holiday in the USA while you can coz now lot’s of covid cases, not that safe 🙁

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