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Sakura @ Crowne Plaza Sheikh Zayed.

May 22, 2011

Miso soup is a good bait for a “not-an-Asian-food-fan” boyfriend. I’m very thankful that the Japanese people came up with this tasty soup which the boyfriend fell in love with after the first taste. So I don’t have to drag him anymore (against his will) to go inside the doors of any Japanese restaurants. All I have to do is say the magic words: “miso soup” and he’ll walk thru those doors without physical force. The restaurant was small with a buddha bar-ish tune playing in the background.

For appetizers, we ordered miso soup of course and california maki (another Japanese dish that the boyfriend fell in love with).

Miso soup

California maki! Yummmeh!

Well to tell you honestly, I was already full after the appetizer but I was too eager to load myself up with all the Japanese food I can handle as it’s very rare that I get the boyfriend to compromise with me and eat at a Japanese restaurant. So I ordered a yaki udon for the main of course while the boyfriend ordered salmon teppanyaki with rice.

Salmon teppanyaki which the boyfriend enjoyed eating.

My yaki udon.

I wasn’t able to finish my yaki udon as it’s a bit too sweet for my taste buds. Also, there were not much seafood meat going on in there which would have contrasted the noodles’ sweet sauce. So no, not very happy with my yaki udon. 🙁

Well the service was very fast and the waitresses were all very attentive though so we went back to the same restaurant for the next day’s dinner. They have the Izakaya dinner every Friday night which is an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet for all their appetizers and teppanyakis priced for AED155 per person (excluding beverages).

So we had:

Shrimp tempura

It sucks though that they stopped refilling the tempura tray. I was looking forward to it the most. Huhuhu.

Sashimi and Maki

I had about two servings of this. Yum!

Seafood teppanyaki for the boyfriend.

Beef teppanyaki for myself.

This fried rice right here is made by gods! It's so damn tasty!

It’s a shame that we were full so easily for the night that we weren’t able to order some more teppanyakis or some more makis. Well, we were not prepared. If only we knew that a buffet dinner is what’s in store for us, we wouldn’t have eaten anything for the whole day and just waited for the clock to strike 6pm with all our intestines empty and waiting to be loaded with all this Japanese food. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Our total bill for the first night’s dinner:

2 Miso soups – (AED50)
1 California Maki (AED65 for 8 pcs)
1 Sake teriyaki (AED85)
1 Yaki udon (AED70)
1 Chahan (AED25)
1 Acqua Panna (AED25)
1 Sprite (AED18)
1 Sake Draught (AED58)
AED396 for 2 people

Our total bill for second night’s dinner:

2 Izakaya dinner (AED310)
2 Acqua panna (AED50)
1 Sake draught (AED58)
AED418 for 2 people

I’d probably rate this restaurant as 7 out of 10. The yaki udon and the tempura tray not being refilled totally ruined it for me. Hehehe. But for sure I’d go back.

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